SeekOut Search Results Reveal A&D Hiring Opportunities from Tech Layoffs


Tech layoffs show no sign of slowing down in 2023. More than 160,000 workers were let go in 2022, and this year so far, over 500 tech companies have laid off over 150,000 employees, according to Layoffs.fyi.  

Companies cite various reasons for reducing their workforce, including over-hiring during the pandemic and the ongoing uncertainty of economic conditions. Academics, however, suggest “social contagion” as the culprit. That is, companies are being influenced by one another’s behaviors. Layoffs have been disruptive to the tech world, but the sector’s economic challenges spell good news for aerospace and defense (A&D), offering a golden opportunity to secure highly skilled workers for historically hard-to-fill roles.

Ahead, we’ll show you what type of workers may be available from tech layoffs using SeekOut's Power Filter feature and why now is the time to take action and engage with this talent pool.  


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