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Sometimes a qualified candidate is the right fit for your company, but not a right fit for the role. Keep track of your silver medalists with Talent Rediscovery. Pull warm candidates from your ATS to reduce hiring time and save on candidate acquisition costs.

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Don’t lose sight of past candidates

Don’t lose sight of past candidates

Stay connected to high-quality candidates that have already expressed interest in your company. SeekOut integrates with leading ATS platforms so that profiles automatically update.

Get a comprehensive view of:

  • Original role and hiring stage

  • Previous resume and cover letter

  • Updated contact information

  • Current background, skills, and experience

Integrate with your HR tech stack

SeekOut seamlessly integrates with Workday, Greenhouse, and other leading ATS vendors. When you make changes in your ATS, candidate profiles in SeekOut will automatically update with current data.

Start your search with current data

Find already-interested candidates through SeekOut’s 60+ Power Filters, Boolean search, and other advanced search capabilities. Search by current title, experience, company, and more—saving hours of research time within your ATS.

Measure diversity in your talent funnel

Set realistic goals for diversity hiring and understand how underrepresented groups progress through your talent funnel. Explore aggregate data on diversity, location, skills, and experience to assess role requirements or hiring practices.

Keep your ATS data secure

Data security is always our top priority. We protect your ATS data, only using it to enable Talent Rediscovery. SeekOut does not share this data or use it for any other purpose."

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