Find the right person for every role

Instead of manually searching for hard-to-find talent, recruiters need to take a targeted approach. SeekOut’s dedicated talent pools give you access to millions of candidate profiles—so you can search by specific experience, unique skills, licenses, and more.

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Surface the most qualified talent

Find hidden talent you can’t find anywhere else. SeekOut has a complete index of hard-to-find talent, giving you access to even the most specialized skillsets.


Public profiles


Technical profiles


Subject matter experts


Nursing and healthcare profiles


Cleared candidates

Search untapped talent pools

Run complex talent searches optimized for recruiters of all skill levels. Source for everything from in-demand tech roles to security-cleared individuals or registered nurses. Choose from over 300 Power Filters or construct custom searches. Refine results with skill-based Smart Matching, Boolean syntax, wildcards, and more.

Speed up recruiting with SeekOut Assist

Simply paste your job description and let SeekOut's GPT-powered technology generate targeted search and personalized messages for each candidate.

Use your strongest profiles to find similar candidates

Did you find the perfect candidate or have a current employee who is a superstar? Clone their profile and SeekOut will display candidates with similar skills, experience, and backgrounds.

SeekOut quickly makes our talent acquisition team into subject matter experts so they can identify the right talent for any role. Our recruiters look like stars to their hiring managers.

Mario Linares, Head of Talent Acquisition, Aviatrix

Diversify your sourcing

Discover talent from underrepresented groups with the most advanced search and Diversity Filters. Talent intelligence helps you assess representation and diversity within any talent pool, company, or location.

Prevent unconscious bias

Click on Bias Reducer in your search to immediately eliminate indicators of race and gender from employee profiles. Customize the information you’d like to redact—from candidate names and photos, to school or company names.

Tap into your ATS and internal employee networks to source from wider pools of diverse candidates. Generate a healthy talent pipeline by discovering candidates who already have a connection to your organization.

Improve your candidate experience

Increase response rates by reaching people in the right place, at the right moment. SeekOut provides access to the largest and most accurate collection of candidates' contact information, including personal email addresses and phone numbers.

Engage passive talent

Create personalized messages to engage prospective candidates through email or phone. Customize drip campaigns to send automated, personalized messages over time.

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