Build diverse pipelines

Diversity recruiting is a critical piece of your talent strategy. But most organizations don’t have the right tools to find and review underrepresented candidates. SeekOut helps improve representation across talent pools and address unconscious bias in the hiring process.

Track representation across talent pools

Many organizations only focus on a few data points like race, gender, or location to drive their diversity hiring strategy. In SeekOut, track representation across all your talent pools and the wider market, with data around employment history, job titles, skills, education, and more. 

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Expand your sourcing funnel

Diversity recruiting can be manual and time-consuming, limiting your list of candidates. With SeekOut, discover talent from underrepresented groups with a single click. Use SeekOut’s diversity filters and other advanced search capabilities to source qualified, diverse talent

76% of job seekers report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.

Glassdoor, Diversity and Inclusion Workplace Survey

Diverse pipelines at IQTalent

Learn how SeekOut helps IQTalent source diverse pipelines of qualified candidates for their customers with powerful, built-in features.

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Develop underrepresented talent

Develop employees from underrepresented groups for strategic roles and leadership positions. With SeekOut, identify employees with relevant skills and create a funnel of qualified internal candidates. Nurturing internal talent supports long-term diversity goals and increases retention.

Companies with above-average diversity on their leadership team generated 19% more revenue due to innovation than companies with below-average leadership diversity.

Boston Consulting Group
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