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The best talent strategies begin with a deep understanding of your people. SeekOut Grow’s Internal Talent provides a comprehensive view of your company’s strengths and risk areas, so you can reduce attrition, plan successions, redeploy talent, and much more.

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Understand your entire workforce in a few clicks

Get a complete picture of your existing employee base, including their experience from previous roles. Internal Talent automatically generates the most comprehensive employee profiles by combining data from external sources, your HR tech stack, and other internal systems.

Find qualified candidates within your company

Find qualified internal candidates that fit new projects or open roles. Mine your talent base with powerful search, filtering by skills, certifications, clearances, and more. Save on recruiting costs and fill roles faster—it’s a win, win.

Employees stay 41% longer at companies with high internal hiring compared to those with low internal hiring.

LinkedIn, 2020 Global Talent Trends

Turn employee data into actionable insights

Workforce planning requires a clear view of where you stand and where you should invest. Advanced talent intelligence, combined with holistic talent profiles, help you discover patterns, capabilities, and gaps across your organization.

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