Redeploy top talent

Whether you’re experiencing sudden business changes or adapting your talent strategy, redeployment can save thousands in recruiting resources. With SeekOut, use internal talent data to redeploy top talent to new roles—lowering costs and increasing employee loyalty.

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Adapt to changing priorities

Business changes happen, but how an organization responds to these changes can have an immense impact on workplace morale. SeekOut provides full visibility into employee skills and experience so your HR team can quickly prepare and act on role changes.

Identify talent for redeployment

Identify talent for redeployment

Organizations with redeployment strategies show employees that they’re invested in retention and growth, regardless of market conditions. With SeekOut, identify employees with transferrable skills for new roles or who qualify for reskilling.

61% of workers cite that the opportunity to add new skills is “extremely” or “very” important when weighing the decision to remain at their current job.

Gallup + Amazon, The American Upskilling Study
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Move employees across projects

For some organizations, like consultancies, redeployment is part of the business model. Understand employee skills in SeekOut to efficiently shift talent between projects or clients, minimizing disruptions and saving valuable time.

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Create a long-term strategy

Plan for redeployment before you need it and prepare for any outcome. Use workflow tools in SeekOut to create and share project plans across teams, using internal talent data to establish an aligned redeployment strategy.

68% of the Best-in-Class firms pursue a redeployment strategy to fill as much as 40% of their vacant positions.

Aberdeen, 2018

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