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Discover how SeekOut's targeted approach and advanced algorithms help recruiters source hard-to-find talent with security clearances, subject matter expertise, and more.

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SeekOut is one of the essential tools for sourcing talent with a security clearance.

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Access 3x more cleared candidates than other solutions

Cleared candidates aren't often listed on public profiles. SeekOut helps you find potential matches using algorithms that infer candidate clearance levels based on experience, saving you hours of manual searching. Narrow your results with 12 filters, including Public Trust, Top Secret, Yankee White, and more, to find the cleared candidates you need.

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Dig into areas of expertise

Experience extends beyond skills and work history—you need to understand how a candidate applies that experience. SeekOut searches more than 96 million published papers, journal publications, patents, and conference presentations—so you can quickly identify cleared candidates who are subject matter experts.

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Widen your view of technical talent

Competition for technical talent is skyrocketing, with more industries relying on data and engineering resources. With over 39 million software developer profiles, SeekOut helps you find and recruit technical talent with the exact skills you need to fill open roles.

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