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4 Greatest Advantages of Integrating Your Recruiting Tech Stack

Talent Acquisition teams are facing greater pressure than ever to deliver top-notch talent with an amazing candidate experience while serving as strategic partners to the business. As recruiters are asked to do more with fewer resources, they’re met with rising costs of recruiting technologies, making budget justifications a constant battle. 

Integrating your recruiting tech stack helps you more easily access relevant data and streamline work, which introduces powerful insights and efficiencies, and increases the value you get from the tools you’re already using.  

Remember the old adage, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Let’s look at how connecting SeekOut and your applicant tracking system (ATS) boosts your ability to find and move candidates through your funnel faster, use data to improve your candidate experience, and drive great outcomes for the business. 

1. Find and engage with qualified talent faster 

In a search, SeekOut matches both keywords as well as adjacent and inferred phrases to provide highly relevant searches with visual indicators within the profile as to why a candidate is relevant. You can amend your searches on the fly to add skills, adjust required and preferred criteria, and even filter on unreported attributes such as diversity, clearance status, and healthcare licensing—all to pinpoint the most relevant candidates. 

Integrating SeekOut then allows you to easily create profiles in your ATS—complete with contact information, education, and work history—without switching between systems or manually entering candidate data. Plus, you can create and manage outreach sequences to best-fit candidates, and even use generative AI to speed up the process of creating personalized messages.  

Quickly finding and engaging with relevant, qualified candidates adds efficiency to your recruitment process and can shorten your overall time-to-hire. 

2. Rediscover high-quality candidates in your ATS 

You likely have candidates already in your ATS that, for whatever reason, were not chosen for a prior role, but are clearly interested in your organization and may be a good fit. But most organizations don’t have an effective way of keeping track of these candidates and only have an outdated snapshot of their skills and experiences. 

SeekOut enables you to search and enrich existing profiles in your ATS with up-to-date information. This means your ATS transforms from a static database of prior applicants into a wealth of silver medalists and warm candidates who are already familiar with your brand. And now you can see what they’ve been up to and how they’ve grown since they originally applied at your company, including updated contact information to reconnect. 

Screenshot of how to use rediscovery feature under "Your ATS" in SeekOut

This creates an amazing candidate experience for the prior applicants and can cut down the time and recruiting costs required to source brand new talent.  

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more and see it in action: 4 Ways Human-Centered AI Improves the Candidate Experience 

3. Save time screening best-fit applicants

“My job description was perfectly specific and only qualified candidates applied!” said no recruiter ever. Even the most well-intentioned job descriptions still result in recruiters spending hours sorting through resumes for an open role. And it’s guaranteed you’re going to miss some top candidates, whether due to the volume of applications, or because your recruiting system can’t contextualize and match the skills and experience within a resume to your open roles.

When connected to your ATS, SeekOut surfaces the most qualified applicants, combining smart technology with fair processes that keep you compliant and in control. All from within the same view, you can reference job descriptions, edit job criteria, and review applicants—even advance or reject them from your funnel, writing back to your ATS. This not only helps you identify best-fit candidates faster, but also promotes an equitable evaluation process and gives your team more time to focus on the human connections that deliver a great candidate experience.

4. Get rich insights to improve key metrics

Talent Acquisition teams often lack the data to demonstrate how job descriptions and strict skill requirements impact candidate talent pools, which can result in increased time-to-hire. Plus, with infrequent or no access to data teams, recruiters struggle to show how they’re impacting key metrics.

With an integrated ATS, SeekOut distills your vast recruiting activity and data into powerful views to provide actionable insights that increase the chances of landing top candidates. You can see how adjusting requirements affects your candidate pool in real time. Or quickly identify where in your pipeline candidates are bottlenecked, so recruiters can take action right away.

The Funnel tab shows you an interactive graph giving you a birds-eye view of your recruiting pipeline.

In addition, you gain unparalleled visibility across your hiring funnel, with the ability to break down your pipeline by key pivots like department, recruiter, and source. With all this information at your fingertips, you can implement a data-driven recruiting strategy without being a data expert—and demonstrate (also, celebrate!) your team’s valuable contributions to the organization. 

Ready to make the most of your recruiting tools? 

At SeekOut, we share your passion for unlocking the potential of people and want to help you find higher-quality candidates, enhance the candidate experience, reduce your time-to-hire, and become a more strategic partner to your organization. Connecting SeekOut and your ATS is an effective way to supercharge your recruiting team’s capabilities, streamline processes, and empower you with actionable insights. 

Get a personalized demo to discover how integrating SeekOut with your ATS can transform your Talent Acquisition team's efficiency and help you get more value from your talent tech. 

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