Pipeline Insights

Actionable insights to focus your team’s efforts and accelerate hiring.

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Pipeline Insights provides data-driven, end-to-end visibility that focuses your team’s recruiting efforts and improves your chances of landing top candidates.  

Empower your entire organization

Manager View helps talent leaders keep the business moving forward—whether providing status updates to executives or supporting individual team members to improve time-to-hire. SeekOut’s intelligence provides talent leaders with the visibility and insight to communicate across the entire organization.

Focus on impact 

Recruiter View helps each of your recruiters understand the top priorities in their active hiring pipeline and take immediate action, focusing on tasks that drive impact. 

Gain visibility across your hiring funnel

Funnel View provides valuable data on candidate diversity, conversion, and volume across your entire hiring funnel. Analyze your candidate pipeline by diversity, conversion, and volume with the ability to dive deeper by department, recruiter, source, hiring manager, and more to understand your team’s past performance.

Accelerate time-to-hire

Pipeline Insights empowers your recruiting team to make more informed decisions about your recruiting strategy and take immediate action within SeekOut.


Gain end-to-end visibility into the conversion, volume, and diversity of your recruiting pipeline


Create a data-driven recruiting strategy with recommended actions your team can take now, no data experience required


Identify and remove process bottlenecks to improve candidate experience and steer key stakeholders

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