Recruit from the largest pool of healthcare workers

Healthcare roles are some of the hardest to fill, especially in today’s market. SeekOut for Healthcare centralizes all your healthcare sourcing into one powerful platform, with the most robust database of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

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Source from 14M+ unique healthcare profiles

SeekOut for Healthcare’s database contains over 14 million healthcare profiles—the most healthcare candidates in the United States. Select from a wider healthcare pool of doctors and licensed medical providers or narrow your search to nursing talent.

Search 80+ specialties to find the right match

Filter down to your exact specifications with 80+ Power Filters, diversity filters, and Boolean search. Tailor your search to specific nursing specialties such as cardiac care, trauma experience, and more.

Review the most accurate candidate data

Other talent platforms only pull data from select sources, overlooking qualified candidates. SeekOut for Healthcare combines data from public sources like LinkedIn with specific healthcare networks to show detailed licensing information, backgrounds, and experience.

52% of healthcare workers report feeling burned out while 23% say they are likely to leave the healthcare field in the near future.

USA Today, Ipsos Survey

The first-of-its-kind talent pool for nursing

SeekOut for Healthcare is the most powerful and comprehensive resource for nursing candidates. Access information about all licensed nurses in your state, with the only technology that combines unique healthcare and public profile data.

Reach 100% of licensed nurses in 45+ states

Reach out to promising candidates and bring them into the recruiting funnel. SeekOut for Healthcare provides the most up-to-date contact information for every nursing candidate, including email, phone, and postal address. Create and send custom messages—all from SeekOut.

Expand your nursing talent search

Expand your search to include more qualified candidates. In addition to active nursing professionals, pull profiles of students, international nurses, or nurses who have taken a break from the profession.

In 2019, hospitals spent a median of 4.7% of their total nurse labor expenses for contract travel nurses, which skyrocketed to a median of 38.6% in January 2022.

American Hospital Association

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