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Empower your people to reach their potential

Many leaders struggle to understand and develop the talent they have. Keep your employees engaged and invested in the future of your business. With SeekOut Grow, develop, retain, and redeploy internal talent, while helping employees realize their career goals.

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Understand the talent you have

With employee data scattered across many systems, it’s hard to understand your internal talent. SeekOut creates a comprehensive talent profile of your employee base to guide workforce planning, diversity analysis, and more.

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Plan for your future workforce

Develop internal talent today and plan for the future. With talent insights in SeekOut Grow, you can assess retention risks and identify skill gaps—so both your employees and your business are set up for success.

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Redeploy talent, accelerate your staffing

Sometimes your best candidates are your current employees. SeekOut Grow surfaces employees for open roles based on their skills and experience. Identify redeployment opportunities and staff open roles faster.

We saw a 30% increase in employee internal mobility within the first few months of implementing [SeekOut Grow]. It really enabled our recruiters to find untapped talent within our own organization.

Tammy Coleman-Craig, VP of Talent Acquisition and People Enablement, Ciena

Help people achieve their career goals

Many employees have a hard time discovering, much less navigating, the opportunities available to them. SeekOut helps employees explore growth opportunities inside your organization and promotes internal mobility.

According to McKinsey research, more than 40% of the people who quit their job mentioned lack of career growth and advancement opportunities as a top reason for leaving their workplace.

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Make it easy to find internal roles 

With SeekOut Grow's internal talent marketplace, employees can explore personalized recommendations for new roles, short-term projects and learning opportunities. SeekOut Grow also recommends employees with similar career paths, encouraging mentorship and connections.

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Turn managers into career coaches 

Give managers clear visibility into their direct reports’ skills, aspirations, and opportunities. The result: more productive career discussions and happier teams.

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In just over half of all hiring events—a percentage that has steadily climbed year over year for over a decade—the successful candidate is already an employee.

Matt Charney, Talent Acquisition Community Leader,

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SeekOut Grow empowers talent and business leaders to maximize their organization while helping employees to realize their career development and advancement goals. Ready to see it in action? Request your free demo today!

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