Help employees create a future at your company

Investing in your people not only leads to happier employees and a healthy culture. It also helps you develop and retain top performers, while saving millions in recruiting costs. Career Compass gives employees ownership over their futures—surfacing new opportunities and enabling impactful career conversations.

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Give every employee the tools to navigate their career

Career Compass empowers employees to grow. People can define their career aspirations, see new roles or projects, and connect with people who have made similar transitions. Powered by AI, Career Compass provides smart suggestions, with a personal touch.

Find new roles and pave a career path

Employees can explore job openings and career paths based on their qualifications. Career Compass pulls data from transitions within the company to show actionable career paths, helping employees discover opportunities that might not be obvious to them.

Stay agile with short-term projects 

Give employees opportunities to try out new job functions, learn valuable skills, and work with new teams or colleagues—all within their current role. With Career Compass, employees can discover and apply for short-term gigs or projects that match their career interests, while leaders can pursue business opportunities without hiring new talent.  

Nurture connections across teams 

Create a culture where people help each other achieve their career goals. Career Compass uses comprehensive people data to recommend connections with similar skills or career paths. Employees can tap into experts across your organization and build support systems and communities.  

Surface opportunities to learn new skills   

In the digital transformation age, learning new skills is critical to success. Career Compass connects to your learning management system (LMS) to recommend skills based on an employee’s role or career aspirations. It then surfaces learning opportunities to grow those skills, helping employees fill knowledge gaps and advance their careers. 

Integrate with your internal systems. No manual entry required.

Other solutions require employees to fill out manual forms that describe their skills, experience, or goals. Career Compass automatically integrates with internal systems and external sources, so employees don’t have to input data in order to see relevant opportunities.

This is by far the most advanced, helpful tool we have ever used—and it’s revolutionizing the way we approach talent advisory.

Shally Steckerl, VP of Talent Strategy, Newton Talent

Turn one-on-ones into opportunities

Better career development starts with better conversations. With Career Compass, managers and mentors can see rich profiles about their direct reports, with information about current skills and career goals. This creates a foundation for stronger one-on-ones and career discussions that support employee growth.  

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