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It takes more than data to drive your talent strategy. You need actionable insights. Even with ATS and HRIS systems, organizations struggle to understand their workforce and the wider talent market. With SeekOut’s built-in data layer, make data-informed decisions at every stage of your talent lifecycle. 

See all your employee data in one place

See all your employee data in one place

Organizations invest countless resources recruiting new candidates, without first understanding their internal talent—their skills, experiences, or career goals. SeekOut creates a holistic view of all your employee data, so you can assess skill gaps and recruiting priorities.

60% of hiring managers suggest internal recruiting could be improved by better identifying skills in existing employees

LinkedIn, 2020 Global Talent Trends
Get a complete view of the talent market

Get a complete view of the talent market

To compete for top talent, you need to understand your competitors’ workforce and how you stack up. SeekOut provides visibility into the talent market, including your competitors’ employee representation and skills. Use this data to make informed decisions around your sourcing strategy.

Accomplish your diversity goals

More organizations are taking a strategic approach to diversity, but don’t have the data to set realistic hiring or retention goals. SeekOut aggregates internal and external data so you can track representation in talent pools and across internal roles.

Bringing together diverse global talent is critical to the success of every software company and the competition for diverse talent is fiercer than ever. From day one, SeekOut’s innovative AI-powered search, global power filters, diversity filters, and talent pool insight have been critical components of Aviatrix’s global growth plan.

Mario Linares, Head of Talent Acquisition, Aviatrix
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Create alignment across teams

Sourcing is much more efficient when recruiters and hiring managers are on the same page. With SeekOut, share talent insights across your company, from leadership to your recruiting team. Turn recruiters into talent advisors, improving productivity and aligning expectations.

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