August 8, 2023 – Product Updates

SeekOut Assist

SeekOut Assist General Availability

The demands on recruiters and sourcers are immense and growing. SeekOut’s goal has been to make life easier for recruiters and sourcers. We are thrilled to announce the general availability of SeekOut Assist—the first-of-its-kind ChatGPT for recruiters. With SeekOut Assist, Enterprise users can go from job description to initial contact with highly qualified candidates—all in a matter of moments. By leveraging the power of AI, users are free to focus on the most important component of recruiting: the human experience. 

How it works is simple: 

1. Use job descriptions to automatically surface qualified candidates 

Recruiters spend countless hours searching for candidates that meet the requirements of an open role.  

SeekOut Assist works with recruiters to surface qualified candidates in seconds instead of hours. Users can simply paste a job description, and SeekOut Assist generates the starting search to find the most qualified candidates for that role. 

Aug 8 launch Assist image 1

This simple workflow is powered by AI. SeekOut Assist uses GPT technology to automatically break down a job description into search criteria like job title, required skills, and preferred skills. It then analyzes over 800 million profiles in SeekOut’s talent database to find the best match, producing transparent search criteria that recruiters can further fine-tune themselves. Users stay in complete control while leveraging AI to drastically improve the speed and quality of the search. 

Aug 8 release Assist image 2

2. Personalize emails to engage candidates at scale 

People mostly ignore recruiter outreach emails. To increase response rates, the best recruiters research the candidate and craft a highly personalized message. 

SeekOut Assist generates a personalized message to the candidate based on their unique qualifications for the role, saving recruiters valuable time. 

Aug 8 release Assist image 3

SeekOut Assist analyzes the information in each candidate’s SeekOut profile—including skills and experiences. Then, it uses both the candidate profile and job description to write a personalized outreach message to the candidate, improving the chances of a response. The interface includes further customization and control options, freeing up valuable time to build relationships with quality candidates. 

Aug 8 release Assist image 4

After Generating a message, options are available to tweak both the subject line and content of the email by adjusting the tone or focus of the message.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Utilizing Messaging with SeekOut Assist does NOT require a connection to the user's email account. Simply copy/paste or open in your preferred email client and make any desired edits prior to engaging candidates! 

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Pipeline Insights

Pipeline Insights General Availability

While companies continue to modernize data and analytics practices across departments, many recruiting teams rely on a blend of intuition, siloed and insufficient data, and candidate feedback to analyze the state of their pipeline. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of SeekOut Pipeline Insights. Pipeline Insights puts critical data directly in the hands of recruiters and their managers without the need for advanced skills in data, analytics, or visualization.

Three views to support your entire team:

Manager View helps talent leaders keep the business moving forward—whether providing status updates to executives or supporting individual team members to improve time-to-hire. SeekOut’s intelligence provides talent leaders with the visibility and insight to communicate across the entire organization.

Aug 8 launch pipeline insights manager view

Recruiter View helps each of your recruiters understand the top priorities in their active hiring pipeline and take immediate action, focusing on tasks that drive impact.

Aug 8 launch recruiter view image

Funnel View provides valuable data to help you analyze your candidate pipeline by diversity, conversion, and volume. Dive deeper by department, recruiter, source, hiring manager, and more to understand your team’s past performance.

Aug 8 release funnel view image

To learn more about Pipeline Insights visit:

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