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ChatGPT for Recruiters is Here

Introducing SeekOut Assist. Go from job description to initial contact with qualified candidates in record time.

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A radically new way to recruit

SeekOut Assist boosts recruiter efficiency and reduces time-to-hire through human-driven, AI-assisted sourcing and candidate engagement.

Paste a job description into the tool to create a list of qualified candidates.

Find a better match in moments

Simply copy and paste your job description and SeekOut Assist automatically generates a targeted search, then lists the most qualified candidates for your role. 

Using candidate profiles and job description to create a personalized message.

Get a personalized first draft

SeekOut Assist pulls data from both your job description and the candidate profile to draft a personalized message to each candidate.

SeekOut Assist is a pioneering application of GPT.

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and CEO, The Josh Bersin Company  

SeekOut is applying the most thoughtful approach to assistive candidate outreach I've seen.

Glen Cathey, SVP, Randstad

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SeekOut Assist is now available in early access for select customers and will soon be generally available for all Enterprise customers. Request a personalized demo with our team and learn more about how you can benefit from SeekOut.

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