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ChatGPT for Recruiters Has Arrived with SeekOut Assist

Editor's note: SeekOut Assist is now generally available for qualified customers—read the announcement.

The demands on recruiters are immense and growing. And, since the beginning, SeekOut’s goal has been to make life easier for recruiters. When we first encountered ChatGPT, we saw its potential to radically change the way that recruiters work. This powerful technology offers the chance to not only streamline recruitment but to preserve the human touch needed to connect with candidates in a genuine and meaningful way.

Today, we are thrilled to announce SeekOut Assist—the first-of-its-kind ChatGPT for recruiters. With SeekOut Assist, you can go from job description to initial contact with highly qualified candidates—all in a matter of moments. By leveraging the power of AI, you’re free to focus on the most important component of recruiting: the human experience.

"SeekOut is definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to leveraging ChatGPT's API, using it to effectively understand job descriptions and generate helpful recommendations for required and preferred matching criteria, as well as applying the most thoughtful approach to assistive candidate outreach I've seen so far,” said Glen Cathey, Senior Vice President and Consulting Principal of Talent Advisory and Digital Strategy at Randstad. “Importantly, in both cases, users have total control with the ability to edit, configure, and refine criteria to ensure they are getting the results and output they are looking for."

How it works is simple:

1. Use job descriptions to automatically surface qualified candidates

Recruiters spend countless hours searching for candidates that meet the requirements of an open role. 

SeekOut Assist works with recruiters to surface qualified candidates in seconds instead of hours. A recruiter can simply paste a job description, and SeekOut Assist generates a list of the most qualified candidates for that role.

Paste a job description into the tool to create a list of qualified candidates.

This simple workflow is powered by AI. SeekOut Assist uses GPT technology to automatically break down a job description into search criteria like job title, required skills, and preferred skills. It then analyzes over 800 million profiles in SeekOut’s talent database to find the best match, producing transparent search criteria that recruiters can further fine-tune themselves. The human stays in complete control while leveraging AI to drastically improve the speed and quality of the search.

2. Personalize emails to engage candidates at scale

People mostly ignore recruiter outreach emails. To increase response rates, the best recruiters research the candidate and craft a highly personalized message.

SeekOut Assist generates a personalized message to the candidate based on their unique qualifications for the role, saving recruiters valuable time.

Using candidate profiles and job description to create a personalized message.

SeekOut Assist analyzes the information in each candidate’s SeekOut profile—including skills and experiences. Then, it uses both the candidate profile and job description to write a personalized outreach message to the candidate, improving the chances of a response. The interface includes further customization and control options, freeing up valuable time to build relationships with quality candidates.

Responsibly transforming recruiting with generative AI

SeekOut Assist has the potential to revolutionize the way that recruiters work.

"Generative AI will be a total game changer in HR," said industry analyst Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company. "SeekOut Assist is a pioneering application of GPT, setting the stage for many more innovations to come.”

As we innovate with emerging technologies, we continue to be deliberate and thoughtful in our approach—committed to the responsible use of AI in everything we do. Career decisions critically impact people’s lives, and we are focused on building technology that keeps humans in the driver’s seat. 

We are excited by what the future holds and to continue improving the lives of the recruiters who use our platform day in and day out. Organizations and people should grow and succeed together—and helping teams get there is why SeekOut exists.

SeekOut Assist is now generally available for qualifying customers. Learn more about SeekOut Assist and request a demo today.

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