Spring 2020 Product Updates

The SeekOut team has been hard at work this spring listening to your feedback and building new capabilities based on your suggestions. Please read on to learn more and keep sending your product suggestions to support@seekout.io.

Updates to SeekOut's Search Capabilities & Features

Referrals: Harness your team’s connections to find great candidates Most recruiters will agree that referrals are a great source for good candidates. You can now use SeekOut to find candidates who are connected to you and your team and request feedback from your colleagues about these candidates.

To enable this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@seekout.io.

"Companies with recent layoffs" Power Filter: Help great candidates recently impacted by layoffs find their next great role

Many companies have recently conducted layoffs, at least in some part, due to COVID-19. As a result, many talented candidates are looking for new roles. This filter identifies candidates at companies that have conducted layoffs so you can easily identify and reach out to them. This Power Filter is continually monitored and updated by our team so you can be confident that you have the most recent information at your fingertips.

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses.

Enhanced Index: Millions of new candidates, phone numbers, and email addresses

We are continuously updating the quantity and quality of the data in our talent search engine. With our recent updates, you now have access to 434 million candidates in our Public Profiles index, 55 million new candidate phone numbers, and 35 million new email addresses.

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses.

GitHub Discussions: Identify the most engaged GitHub Candidates

SeekOut analyzes the discussions that happen on GitHub to understand which candidates are asking and answering questions and how engaged they are with the repository. You can use this information to find more candidates on GitHub and better understand these candidates’ abilities and areas of expertise.

SeekOut now shows the candidate’s activity level with GitHub and gives a link to the discussions they are a part of.

This release also adds 2.8 million more GitHub candidates to the GitHub index, bringing the total to over 25 million candidates.

This update is live on Premium Tech and Expert licenses.

Revamped Expert Candidate Search

For customers who recruit deeply technical experts - patent-holders, researchers, academic experts, etc. - our Expert subscription is an incredibly valuable tool. With this spring’s release, we're making it even more useful:

  • We now include candidates from additional fields and industries, including Social Sciences and Economics.

  • We have added the h-Index and i10-Index for each candidate. These indexes measure how frequently a candidate has been cited across papers.

  • We have combined all expert candidates into a single database. These candidates are housed in the “Expert” tab. (Previously, we had split the candidates into two separate Engineering and Life Sciences pools.)

This update is live on Expert licenses. Connect with your account executive to learn more or request a live demo here.

Enhancements to Ways Your Team Can Collaborate

Credit-Pooling: Share credits for contacts, exports, and more across your team

We’ve made it possible to turn on credit-pooling across your team. Here's how it works: if your organization has ten standard SeekOut licenses and turns on credit-pooling, each user will now share a pool of 5,000 contact information credits each month instead of each user being limited to 500 contact information credits. This is helpful because workloads can vary between team members across the year. What’s more, pooling credits can also conserve credit usage; if one of your users retrieves an email address for a candidate, the other users will have access to that candidate’s email address without expending any additional credits.

If you would like to enable credit-pooling for your organization, please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@seekout.io.

Team Administration: Segment your organization into smaller teams 

Our larger customers have requested an easier way to manage and monitor how SeekOut is working across the organization. With this update, you can now segment your users into smaller teams and manage those teams independently.

Enhancements to Ways You Can Engage With Candidates

ATS Rediscovery: Rediscover “warm” candidates housed in your SmartRecruiters or Beamery Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our new integrations with common Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) allow you to rediscover and reconnect with “warm” candidates who have already applied to a role at your company.

In addition to our previous Greenhouse integration, we now support integrations with SmartRecruiters and Beamery. We’re excited to share that our SmartRecruiters integration won first place at the SmartRecruiters Hiring Success conference in February!

ATS Rediscovery is available by request. Connect with your account executive to learn more or request a live demo here.

Email Messaging Playbooks: Increase your candidate response rates with SeekOut’s customizable playbooks

“How do I increase my candidate response rates?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear on the Customer Success Team. To help you get the results you need, we’ve created seven new messaging “playbooks” – or blueprints of email nurture campaigns to be delivered over time – that you can use as a starting point. Customize these emails to make them your own or use the content as inspiration for your own creative email campaigns!

“Send on Behalf”: For hard-to-fill roles, vary your sender in SeekOut Messaging

With SeekOut’s Messaging feature, you can now have your candidate outreach emails come from your hiring manager or a member of leadership. An email from the hiring manager can often elicit higher response rates, leading to more candidates in your pipelines, and at the end of the day, more hires.

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