September 27, 2022 - Product Updates

Usability & Discoverability

Project/Campaign visibility updates

We have updated the design slightly for displaying Projects/Campaigns on profiles. There is now a hover state on the Project name to show the user and date added.


Project table — Searching for project

As users and organizations have more and more projects in their accounts, they’ve asked to have a way to search from the table for specific projects. With this release, we have added that ability in the Project table.

Type in any part of a project name and hit enter--the table will update and display only the projects meeting that search.

Deleting saved searches

When users spend time creating searches, they typically save them for use at a later time. Once those searches have become stale, we want to make sure users have a clear way to delete and clean up their saved search view.

With this release, users will see option to Rename or Delete searches when they 'Open Saved Search.' This action will delete that saved search permanently.

Note: Users will still be able to delete saved searches from within Projects, as has been previously available:

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