SeekOut Product Updates

Our team has been hard at work implementing a lot of new features that you have given us input on as well as of customers have asked for. These include:

  • Unified Profiles

  • More Likely to Move Jobs Filters

  • Export Talent Insights to Excel

  • Personalized Outreach to GitHub Candidates

  • ATS Rediscovery

  • Referrals

Unified Profiles:As you know we pull in a lot of data about people beyond just what they say on their profiles. We try to get the actual work they’ve done and bring that to be searchable and discoverable so you can engage with folks. If you do a search for someone in accounting for instance, we’ll bring back links to papers they’ve written about accounting. If you search for ‘natural language engineer’, we won’t just pull back the candidate's public resume data, we’ll now show any papers & patents they’ve done, as well as any code from GitHub directly within the Public Profile. Of course, you can click through to see the exact code. What this means is that many more candidates come back from every search you do because we are pulling in more than what they say, and the people that come back are much more relevant and you can see why they are relevant.

More Likely to Move feature:What this does is it applies a machine learning algorithm to predict which candidates are most likely to change jobs in the next 12-months. Let’s say you’re looking for ‘certified public accountant’ in Chicago. All you have to do is click on the More Likely to Move button, that will filter out to only show candidates who SeekOut predicts will move jobs in the next 12-months. This algorithm is very precise and will help you target your candidates better.

Export Talent Insights:Our customers love the Talent Insights feature but have been limited because they previously could only export Talent Insights as a PDF. With this update you can now export to an Excel Spreadsheet, all the data from our Talent Insights so you can put them into a Word document, PowerPoint presentation or other document to share with your leadership.

Personalized Outreach to GitHub Candidates:Our new GitHub engagement feature builds a paragraph of text for you to use in your outreach messages which highlights the work that a candidate has done on GitHub. By taking advantage of this automatically created summary of the candidates work on GitHub, SeekOut will help you write a more engaging message and get more responses from the candidates you care about.

ATS Rediscovery:You have a ton of data in your ATS and in theory it should be very valuable for you but unfortunately ATS’s often have very stale data and most of them have relatively poor search. SeekOut’s ATS Rediscovery solves these problems by updating the profiles of anyone in your ATS and then allowing you to use all of SeekOut search features to find them again. With SeekOut you can target your search at anyone who is already in your ATS. See who in your company is working with them and how long ago they were updated. You can even target silver medalists and other attributes in your ATS combined with the power of SeekOut search. Click through to see their record in your ATS to see the full details of your interaction with them. Want to target candidates who have never applied to your company?You can do that too with just a click of a button

Referrals: SeekOut now allows your team members to upload their connections and then for you to filter to only find candidates who are connected to someone on your team. Once you’ve found the candidate and you see who they’re connected to, SeekOut makes it easy to reach out to that internal team member and ask for feedback. When you reach out, they get an email with a link and with just a few clicks can tell you whether they recommend the candidate or not and whether they’d be willing to reach out and talk to that candidate on your behalf. As soon as your internal teammate has given you feedback on the potential referral, you’ll see the info in your project.

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