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9 SeekOut Platform Capabilities to Take Advantage of in 2023

As we begin 2023, the team at SeekOut is excited about the possibilities ahead in the new year. It will be full of new opportunities for people-first companies and their employees to compete, grow, and succeed. 

Before we get too far into the new year, we wanted to highlight nine new capabilities and features the team at SeekOut launched in 2022 that have been most impactful to our customers. 

Thank you for your continued belief in SeekOut. We are grateful for you.

1. Transform employee-driven career growth with SeekOut Grow

2022 was the year we expanded SeekOut’s talent data platform to include internal talent. Companies today are missing critical data about their employees like prior roles, skills, and experiences outside of their current job. SeekOut’s comprehensive data profiles use multiple external and internal data resources in real-time, providing an unmatched and deep understanding of the talent companies have, and their potential to drive success. The powerful talent intelligence layer also delivers on high-value scenarios for HR leaders, business leaders, and employees. 

SeekOut Grow is built on a talent data platform that puts employees in control of their career growth. Unlike other solutions, Grow offers:

  • Comprehensive talent profiles: Skills and role information for employees are pre-populated from external and internal data sources so they don’t have to fill out tedious forms. 

  • Dynamic HR tech stack integration: Integrations with internal systems—such as HRIS, internal GitHub, Jira, and more—result in real-time and up-to-date information about employees skills and experience. 

  • Interactive career paths: Powerful AI matches profiles with open jobs and new people connections, so employees can interactively explore future paths within the organization, discover roles that are a good fit for their skills, and grow within their company. 

  • Visibility for managers: Managers can see recommendations on career opportunities for their reports, helping them better guide career development. 

  • Talent insights for leaders: Actionable insights for HR and business leaders with search and filter capabilities to transform workforce planning, diversity analyses, internal mobility, and talent redeployment. 

2. Fill critical clinical roles with SeekOut for Healthcare

The US is experiencing unprecedented shortages in healthcare talent. In a time when filling these roles is more difficult and expensive than ever, SeekOut for Healthcare provides the largest, most complete pool of licensed healthcare workers and candidates with unique healthcare experience in the United States.

Our customers are finding success with SeekOut’s pool of over 17 million licensed healthcare workers, including 97% of all licensed nurses in the US. Plus, source from 14 million professions with healthcare-specific expertise—for example, lab technicians, billing specialists at hospitals, software engineers experienced with health record systems, and more.

3. Understand the relevance of each candidate with Smart Search Highlights

SeekOut customers appreciate that our search and matching results are highly relevant to the search requirements they put in. Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to see exactly why a candidate is relevant. To help with this, we built Smart Search Highlights. Now it’s simple to see why a candidate matches your search—and quickly understand how deep their experience and expertise is. 

Image of the SeekOut product interface with a candidate's profile to demonstrate the Smart Search Highlights capability by showing certain keywords related to logistics and supply chain are highlighted, making it easier for the user to understand why this candidate is relevant related to their search terms.

4. Efficiently and fairly evaluate inbound candidates with SeekOut Applicant Review

Reviewing inbound applicants can be a frustrating experience. Many applicants don’t meet the minimum requirements for the role, and it takes a lot of time and effort to sift through hundreds of applications to find the people you want to move forward in the process.  

To help with this, we introduced SeekOut Applicant Review. Applicant Review combines smart technology with fair processes. Stay compliant with total control over how you filter candidates through the recruiting funnel. Reduce bias and evaluate fairly with advanced filters. And quickly respond and disposition applicants so no one is left hanging.

5. Target precise backgrounds with our combination education and experience filters

Our customers push us to continue to improve our powerful candidate matching capabilities. Based on their requests, we added a new set of filters to find combinations of experience and education that can’t be found with any other platform. 

In 2022, we introduced the ability to, for instance, find candidates who worked at Uber as a product manager between 2016 and 2020. Or, find candidates who have a master’s degree in accounting from Indiana University. These combination filters give much more control to our customers so they can find exactly the candidates they need. 

6. Find even more great candidates with increased talent pools 

We know the total size of the SeekOut talent pool matters as you search for the right candidates for your role. In 2022, we increased the overall pool of talent available in SeekOut by more than 12%.    

7. Increase retention and provide career opportunities with internal sourcing  

Don’t risk losing your most important resource—your people. Internal mobility gives employees the opportunity to advance without leaving the company. With SeekOut, people can chart their career paths and find internal roles, increasing retention and engagement. 

Implementing internal mobility programs can be challenging, especially when you’re struggling to find employees who check all the right boxes. Source qualified internal candidates with SeekOut's comprehensive talent profiles—so you can retain top performers and reduce recruiting costs.  

8. Optimize the search for remote talent with Time Zone Filters 

Remote work has opened up the pool of potential talent for many roles, but our customers have asked for capabilities to make remote hiring more effective. One of these is our Time Zone Filters, which allow recruiters to target candidates who are within a range of time zones. This allows an organization to hire remote roles, but also have a strong “center of gravity” to their daily schedule.  

9. Have a more efficient and enjoyable experience with the new SeekOut brand 

Last, but not least, SeekOut launched a completely new brand—including new colors, fonts, and messaging—in 2022. Our new fonts make it quicker to scan candidate profiles. And the improved contrast in our colors make SeekOut more accessible to all. Beyond just looking better, our new brand identity imbues our products with the people-first attitude we put into everything at SeekOut.   

New SeekOut Brand Illustration

We’re excited for what’s to come in 2023. Thank you for being on this journey with us. 

Want to learn more about any of these capabilities? Reach out to your account manager or request a demo today. 

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