New SeekOut Brand Illustration

A New Look and Feel for the SeekOut Brand and People-First Platform

You may have noticed today that SeekOut looks a little different. I’m excited to introduce you to the new SeekOut. 

We are in times of great change. The past few years have reshaped how companies do business as well as what people are looking for in their careers. Employees are looking for flexibility, learning and growth, human connection, and purpose in deciding how and where they work. At the same time, in today’s tough economic climate, organizations are facing an urgent need to retain and align their key talent to their biggest priorities to survive and thrive.  

In the face of the changing times, we are evolving too—so we can help our customers address their immediate needs and build resilience. Whether you’re hiring or more focused on retaining and developing your employees, resilience relies on harmony between your talent strategy and business strategy—and this is only possible by first deeply understanding your people and then building solutions for their learning and growth on top. 

Companies are overflowing with data in our digital age, and yet few employers really know their employees. Employees want to know what’s possible for them within their organization, and who may have traveled a similar path that they can connect with. Your people are the real difference makers—and you can unlock their potential once you understand their passions, experiences, and the opportunities that will get them to where they want to go. And, at the same time, help your company gain the competitive edge that it seeks.   

That’s what we’re trying to help employees and organizations achieve with SeekOut.  

Based on what we have heard from customers, we have expanded our platform and offerings this year. These include: 

  • SeekOut Grow helps organizations deeply and immediately understand their workforce’s capabilities, aspirations, and internal opportunities, while giving employees more control over their career growth. 

  • SeekOut for Healthcare offers a first-of-its kind nursing talent pool so health systems can engage with previously unreachable nursing talent and other healthcare professionals they critically need. 

Like our culture, our brand reflects our values 

Keeping people at the center of everything we do has allowed our identity to evolve alongside the changing needs of our customers and community. As our platform has evolved to unify talent acquisition, talent management, and talent analytics, we’re still driven by our core values.  

We believe that our culture of being kind, empathetic, curious, collaborative, and diverse makes a difference in what we can do for organizations—and that it will help them deliver on their promise to employees to be people-first companies, too.  

With that, we recognized that our brand identity could better reflect who we are and what we stand for. So today, I’d like to invite you to get to know the new SeekOut brand. Our choice of colors, imagery, photography, and copy all aim to bring people at the center of value creation in organizations. 

Thank you to our customers and community  

We are grateful for your partnership and for making this journey possible. Please know that we are committed to continuing to listen, to focusing on what matters most to your organization and its people, and to developing solutions that will help your people and business succeed together.  

With gratitude,  

Anoop Gupta, CEO and co-founder 

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