Overcome the Nursing Talent Shortage with SeekOut

Healthcare roles are some of the most difficult to fill today. Many healthcare organizations struggle to find skilled and specialized healthcare talent—especially licensed nursing candidates who are eligible to work in their state. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce SeekOut for Healthcare, which includes a first-of-its-kind nursing talent pool that allows you to find and reach 100% of the licensed nurses in more than 45 states. Source from over 17 million licensed healthcare providers—including nurses, doctors, dentists, clinical workers, physicians, medical researchers, and other licensed professionals. Plus, you'll find 14 million candidates in the industry with specific healthcare expertise—like lab technicians, billing specialists at hospitals, and software engineers with experience in health record systems.

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Remain competitive in an unpredictable healthcare talent landscape  

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in healthcare will grow by 13% between 2021 and 2031, with nurse practitioners having the highest projected percent change of employment of any occupation in the country.  

Driven by high turnover from pandemic burnout and a large number of nurses reaching retirement age, the nationwide shortage of nursing talent is further complicated by an aging population demanding care. Some healthcare systems have turned to hiring traveling nurses as a temporary solution, but this is incredibly expensive and unsustainable. As quality care relies on adequate staffing, this is a serious crisis for our nation. 

Healthcare organizations don’t have an effective way to look for passive talent, and have a hard time finding accurate and up-to-date contact information for nurses and other healthcare candidates. There hasn’t been a good way to search state registries and get a comprehensive view of nursing talent—until now. 

Welcome to the most comprehensive pool of nursing candidates 

SeekOut for Healthcare introduces a nursing talent pool of highly in-demand talent for healthcare organizations. Nurse licensing data is enriched with other public profile data, searchable by specialty, license status, experience, and more. This means you can: 

  • Find the right talent in the right locations.

    Easily identify nurses licensed to work in your state with the experience needed to succeed in the role. Filter by more than 80 different specialty areas to locate the right-fit talent. 

  • Reach any nurse with customized messages.

    Engage candidates where they will respond—personal email, phone, and even US postal mail—all directly from within SeekOut. Use a multi-channel approach to inform and excite candidates about the opportunities at your organization. 

  • Get insights about the market.

    Understand where nursing candidates are located and what kind of specialties they have, in aggregate. Let valuable data inform your talent strategy. 

  • Expand your talent pool.

    Reach a wider audience of healthcare talent. Search ex-nurses, student nurses, and international nurses, too. 

Improve healthcare sourcing with powerful tools and accurate candidate data 

The longer healthcare roles remain open, the more risk there is to the quality of patient care. SeekOut for Healthcare helps reduce time to hire by bringing together powerful search and filtering capabilities with the largest pool of US healthcare candidates and the first-of-its-kind nursing talent pool.  

Use Power Filters, diversity filters, Boolean search, and more to find qualified candidates that fit your unique requirements. Then, connect with candidates using accurate contact information and SeekOut’s built-in messaging capabilities. 

Learn how SeekOut for Healthcare can help your organization find the right talent and improve sourcing efficiency or request a demo today

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