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Introducing SeekOut Grow, your new talent management solution

By Claire Fang, Chief Product Officer of SeekOut

SeekOut is trusted by thousands of organizations to source diverse talent with hard-to-find skills. But what happens after those candidates become employees? Many businesses struggle to understand, engage, and retain their talent—which means they risk losing amazing people to external opportunities. 

Today, we’re excited to announce SeekOut Grow, a new talent management solution that helps HR teams to understand and maximize their people’s capabilities and empowers employees to discover career growth opportunities within the company. 

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How well do you understand your employees and their potential? 

Talent is a business imperative for success—not just an HR leader problem. People are an organization’s greatest asset, but hiring managers and HR leaders lack visibility into the talent they already have, their skills and experiences, and ways to energize and maximize their potential as they advance in their careers. 

People want to feel that their company is invested in their career development. But many employees feel disconnected from their company’s people-first values when they don’t have support they need to find new opportunities and grow internally.  

We’re all familiar with what happens as a result. In fact, McKinsey research found that more than 40% of the people who have quit their job mentioned lack of career growth and advancement opportunities as a top reason for leaving their workplace. And when high-performing employees leave, it's not just their knowledge and skills that walk out the door, but also part of the company’s culture and competitive advantage.

Develop, retain, and redeploy internal talent with SeekOut Grow 

SeekOut Grow is uniquely designed to provide an unmatched and deep understanding of each employee based on their experiences and skills. We bring together multiple external and internal data sources in real time to deliver a comprehensive employee profile, available on Day 1—and without needing employees to manually enter the information.  

With powerful talent intelligence, HR leaders and business leaders are enabled to build data-driven talent management strategies for people development, project staffing, internal mobility, succession planning, and more. With a self-service tool, employees get more visibility into what’s possible for them within the organization, including full-time roles, short-term projects, learning and development opportunities, career paths, and connections with peers and potential mentors.

A visual display of SeekOut Grow's internal employees' learning paths and career recommendations.

SeekOut Grow is composed of two products that work together to help organizations develop, retain, and redeploy talent. 

  • Internal Talent:

    Helps HR and business leaders understand the workforce’s greatest strengths with a 360-degree view of each employees’ experiences and skills—all without tedious manual entry. Extract actionable insights with powerful search and filter capabilities to transform workforce planning, diversity analyses, internal sourcing and mobility, talent redeployment, and more. 

  • Career Compass:

    Empower employees to discover and navigate opportunities available to them internally. Automatically surface AI-powered and personalized recommendations for full-time roles, short-term projects, career paths, training, and people connections—all in one place.  

Find out how SeekOut Grow can help your organization 

Customers are already seeing the benefits of SeekOut Grow firsthand. One of our first, a telecommunications supplier with over 7,000 employees, increased internal mobility by 30% within the first few months of implementing SeekOut Grow!  

We believe great companies and great people grow and win together. We are committed to helping organizations put in place the right processes and tools to transform how they support employees’ growth.  

For more information, check out the SeekOut Grow solution page or request a demo today!

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