September 12, 2022 – Product Updates

SeekOut Grow

SeekOut Grow, the newest addition to the SeekOut platform, is a talent management solution that makes it easier than ever to maximize and retain your company’s talent. It gives your business and talent leaders visibility and actionable insights into the whole employee base, while enabling each employee to discover and realize personalized career growth opportunities within the company.

When you begin using SeekOut Grow, it immediately uses internal and external sources to generate 360-degree views for each employee—no manual entry needed. The data in these profiles form the foundation for SeekOut Grow’s two products: Internal Talent and Career Compass.

Internal Talent provides advanced search and filter capabilities to unlock insights that help increase internal mobility, inform succession planning with DEI analyses, and much more. HR teams can also zoom in on individual employees to more effectively source internal candidates.

Career Compass makes it easy for each employee at your company to discover and explore growth opportunities that are most relevant to them. Leveraging profile data and AI-powered skills matching, SeekOut Grow delivers personalized recommendations for new roles, gigs, career paths, training, and people connections—all in one location. The self-service tools in Career Compass allow employees to take charge of their careers while forming stronger bonds with your company.

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