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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Pipeline Insights & SeekOut Assist are Here

Over the past year, the economy and labor market have taken talent teams on an exhausting ride. As a result, it’s become a year of efficiency for many organizations. And while talent teams are under immense pressure to be more effective despite having fewer resources, every hire matters more than ever. 

Recruiters need a simpler, faster way to find and engage top talent—as well as a clearer understanding of how to improve their pipeline and hiring metrics. So, we’re excited to announce the availability of new capabilities that will help talent acquisition teams boost efficiency and take a data-driven approach to drive improvements: 

  • Pipeline Insights provides actionable insights to help teams prioritize tasks that drive immediate and lasting impact. 

  • SeekOut Assist, now generally available to qualified users, revolutionizes candidate sourcing and personalized engagement with generative AI. 

Let’s take a closer look at how these solutions work to help you do more with less and be a strategic partner to your business. 

Accelerate hiring and improve recruiting metrics with Pipeline Insights

If you’re like most recruiters, analyzing your organization’s time-to-fill, offer acceptance rates, and diversity representation in your pipeline is simply an exercise in reporting. Without extensive expertise in data analysis to understand which actions will drive impact, you’re relying on intuition and escalations to prioritize your recruiting pipeline. This also means it’s harder to push back on unrealistic hiring goals and move to more data-driven practices. 

SeekOut’s new Pipeline Insights integrates with your applicant tracking system and distills your vast recruiting activity and data into three powerful views—all to answer one simple question: What can I do right now to improve recruiting efficiency?   

Manager View empowers your talent leaders to quickly provide updates to executives and identify trends and opportunities to support individuals, so the team performs to their goals.  

A screenshot of SeekOut's Pipeline Insights showing Manager View with high-level information on how the TA team is performing, which team members may need help, recommendations for action that can improve recruiting metrics, and a look at stale candidates in the pipeline that need attention; plus, we see how data is annotated by tooltips when hovering over certain information.

Recruiter View helps your recruiters easily understand top priorities in their active pipeline and take immediate action to remove process bottlenecks and improve candidate experience.

A screenshot of SeekOut's Pipeline Insights showing Recruiter View, which includes data to help recruiters improve their recruiting pipeline, a measurement of how they are performing to candidate experience goals, recommended actions to take that can improve recruiting metrics, and stale candidates within their pipeline that need attention.

With Funnel View, you'll gain visibility across your hiring funnel with insights such as how underrepresented groups move through the hiring stages, how the hiring pipelines compare for different roles or departments, or different recruiters or hiring managers.

A screenshot of SeekOut's Pipeline Insights showing Funnel View, where underrepresented candidates of different groups are represented across hiring stages spanning Applied, Screen, Interview, Offer, Hired, with the ability to drill down by recruiters, stages, diversity, groups, and time ranges, to understand the team's historical performance and pipeline activity.

Pipeline Insights isn't just another analytics tool. It’s focused on actionable takeaways so that everyone on your recruiting team can be data driven without being analytics experts. It equips your recruiters with insights to partner with hiring managers and executives to effectively move the needle on recruiting efficiency and candidate experience. 

“Companies that invest in a talent acquisition platform have a better understanding of what metrics they need to track, how they can track them, and how they should convey them to business leaders. Through dashboards and reporting capabilities, talent acquisition professionals can easily collect, track, and manage the metrics that matter.” —Madeline Laurano, Founder & Chief Analyst, Aptitude Research.

Learn more about Pipeline Insights and request a demo.

Go from job description to personalized outreach in record time with SeekOut Assist 

Some of the most manual, time-consuming tasks you’re managing today are searching for and messaging highly qualified, potential candidates. Ineffective searches and poor engagement result in lost productivity, longer time-to-hire, and steeper recruiting costs. However, innovations in generative AI have introduced new efficiencies that allow you to focus on high-priority tasks and the important human connections that help you land top talent. 

SeekOut Assist integrates the AI technology of GPT-4 to streamline fast, accurate candidate search and personalized outreach. Our human-driven, AI-assisted approach keeps you in control to adjust the search and messaging suggestions to better fit your preferences. 

Simply paste a job description to create a quality, targeted search. SeekOut’s Smart Match can help you increase the chances of finding a fit by suggesting related job titles and skills. You can continue to iterate and customize your search criteria to find the perfect candidates. 

Paste a job description into the tool to create a list of qualified candidates.

Next, SeekOut will craft a personalized outreach message based on the job description and candidate profile. While reviewing, you can tailor the length and tone, refocus on specific candidate attributes, and reduce biased language with simple adjustments. 

Using candidate profiles and job description to create a personalized message.

SeekOut Assist is powerful and easy to use, helping you find and reach top talent faster. And by automatically generating precise search criteria and personalized engagement, your recruiters can be more successful and efficient in their roles—whether they’re less experienced or working with new or unfamiliar job requisitions. 

“SeekOut Assist is truly the next generation in automated candidate search and outreach. With seamless integration of AI and machine learning, recruiters can now instantly match job descriptions to individually sourced candidate profiles while automating tailored candidate messaging and dramatically reducing the most time-intensive part of the recruiting process.”   —Jay Fought, Senior Director, Recruiting, CME Group

Learn more about SeekOut Assist and request a demo. 

Special thank you to our early access customers

We’re thrilled for every opportunity to make recruiters’ lives easier—and we couldn’t have done it without you. From everyone at SeekOut, thank you to the hundreds of users who signed up for early access to these new capabilities. We’re incredibly grateful for your feedback to improve these new offerings.  

We can’t wait to hear how Pipeline Insights and SeekOut Assist help you work faster and smarter, implement data-driven best practices, and be a more strategic partner to your business.

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