A illustration of G2 ranking SeekOut as the top diversity recruiting software.

SeekOut Rated the #1 Diversity Hiring Software by G2

Since the start of SeekOut in 2017, we’ve been dedicated to building software that helps companies discover hard-to-find talent, while enjoying a positive user and customer experience. We’re delighted we’re earning recognition and validation from customers and third-party analysts for our commitment to that goal.  

G2—the world’s largest business software marketplace—ranks SeekOut the top diversity recruiting software and recognizes us for our usability, fast implementation, and positive customer experience. Rankings are based on cumulative ratings and reviews from SeekOut customers and users. As of August 2021, SeekOut has over 200 reviews and an average overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

SeekOut is the Leader in Diversity Recruiting Software 

SeekOut is ranked number one in G2’s “Diversity Recruiting Software” and “Enterprise Diversity Recruiting Software” categories. In addition to their rankings, G2 displays the top vendors in each category across a four-box grid. The horizontal x-axis represents overall customer satisfaction based on reviews and the vertical y-axis represents the vendor’s market presence. SeekOut scores high in both criteria, resulting in us landing in the upper right “Leaders” quadrant.

An illustration of the G2 ranking for Diversity Hiring Software.

SeekOut offers multiple features that help talent acquisition professionals discover highly qualified, diverse talent: 

  • Understand the diversity of your talent pools – Review aggregate data on diversity at your company, similar companies, and the talent pools you hire from so you can create inclusive job descriptions and become a talent advisor to hiring managers.  

  • Build a diverse candidate funnel – Use filters, Boolean strings, and AI matching to search for candidates and build diverse slates for every role you hire for.   

  • Mitigate unconscious bias – Remove names, photos, and other identifiable details from candidate profiles with our blind hiring mode so your recruiting team only focuses on qualifications. 

  • Leverage alternative sources to find diverse candidates – Connect with diverse talent by using SeekOut to rediscover candidates in your ATS and tap into your employees’ and ERG’s connections. 

Make data your ally and use SeekOut to improve diversity outcomes in your company.

SeekOut has the Best Usability 

SeekOut took the top spot in multiple usability indexes for diversity recruiting software, including “Best Meets Requirements,” “Easiest to Use,” and “Best Usability.” Customers indicate that SeekOut has an intuitive interface, offers multiple features that serve their needs, and is widely adopted by talent acquisition team members.  

SeekOut is the Fastest to Implement  

SeekOut also came out on top in G2’s “Diversity Recruiting Implementation Index.”  

We scored highly for overall implementation, ease of setup, and average user adoption. Customers report it takes only a half month to go live with SeekOut, compared to the 2.13-month average implementation timeline for other market players.  

SeekOut Provides the Best Customer Experience  

Lastly, SeekOut led the way in G2’s "Diversity Recruiting Relationship Index." Rankings are based on reviewers’ satisfaction in their different interactions with the company. Customers indicate SeekOut is easy to do business with, offers quality support, and that they’re likely to recommend SeekOut to others.  

Thank You for the Positive Reviews 

The entire team here at SeekOut is thrilled by the positive feedback and kind words our customers have left on G2. We’ve long been committed to building software that helps our customers succeed and a company they enjoy partnering with. We greatly appreciate all the reviews that have led to this recognition from G2.  

If you’re trying to make strides in diversity recruitment, tap into tech talent for digital transformation, or become a talent advisor, we should connect. We've found that a quick call can accelerate the learning curve and help you better assess if SeekOut is the right fit. Request a demo today and learn how you can leverage SeekOut to meet and exceed your diversity recruiting goals

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