Summer 2020 Product Updates

Go beyond the boardroom with actionable diversity sourcing strategies

Leaders across the globe today are making commitments to increasing Diversity and Inclusion in their workplaces and communities, but the challenge is finding actionable ways to drive change.

From day one, SeekOut has been committed to enabling our customers to take actionable, specific steps to improve diversity in their organizations by finding and including highly qualified, diverse candidates in their recruiting pipelines. 

This summer, we introduced several significant updates to our existing diversity filters:

  • Our Black or African American filter now finds twice as many candidates as before with improved accuracy of search results.

  • Our new Asian filter is available in all global indexes with the exception of Asia.

  • We expanded the availability of our diversity filters to additional global indexes.

  • The accuracy of our diversity filters has greatly improved.

Read on to learn why SeekOut was rated #1 for Diversity Recruiting on G2:

  • Build a diverse recruiting funnel

    : SeekOut’s diversity filters for Female, Hispanic, Black or African American, Asian, and Veteran candidates deliver up to five times as many candidates as other sourcing tools. To use a diversity filter, simply apply a filter on any search, or click on the diversity category graphs shown within Insights.

  • Understand the diverse representation of different talent pools:

    Understand diverse representation at a company, geographic, or candidate experience level so you can build an actionable recruiting strategy to achieve your company's diversity and inclusion goals.

  • Reduce unconscious bias:

    Reduce the bias inherent in manual, Boolean-driven diversity searches, and use our

    Blind Hiring Mode

    to focus on experience and skills by hiding information related to gender, race, or ethnicity.

Check out this video by our co-founder and Head of Product, John Tippett, and request a live demo here.

SeekOut's diversity filters are global. Here are the details on filter availability:

Female: All indexes Black (or African American): United States, North America (Non-US), Europe Hispanic: United States Asian: United States, North America (Non-US), Europe, Africa, Oceania, South America Veteran: United States

These updates are live on Premium, Premium-Tech, and Expert licenses.

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