September 7, 2022 - Product Updates

Usability & Discoverability

Updated Years of experience filter

In order to support users who want to search for candidates with more than 20 years of experience in specific ranges, we have updated the interaction with the Years of Experience filter. You'll no longer see the slider, but rather drop down options to specify years.

Left navigation updates

We want to support our users by giving them easier access to the valuable content in our help center and make discovery of new features in release notes easier. With this release, we've made a few updates to the left navigation within SeekOut. We've also renamed the Dashboard to Home and moved Search up in the navigation.


Project Updates - Adding to Project

When users are trying to add candidates to a project, they don't have time to scroll through a long list--and they don't have any idea today which projects are owned by others. With this release, we will update the drop-down when clicking Add to project to include a search option, as well as indication of shared projects.

Searching will return results and indicate if the project is owned by user or someone else:

Note: this applies to both adding profiles individually and in bulk!

Project Updates - 'Added by' filter

When multiple collaborators are adding candidates to a project, it becomes difficult to know which candidates are working with which colleague! We've added a new filter within Projects to allow users to filter on specific collaborators as needed.

Note: By default, all candidates are shown, regardless of which user added them.

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