May 16, 2023 – Product Updates

Smart Match 

Drag and drop between required and preferred skills  

We've added drag and drop functionality to Smart Match and SeekOut Assist powered searches. Easily update skills from Preferred to Required and vice versa by dragging and dropping. You can even turn two Required skills into OR statements or separate OR statements into individual Preferred skills. 


Projects--select all/minimized/non-minimized for bulk action 

Exporting candidates with contact information just got easier! With our latest release, users can now select all, minimized, or non-minimized candidates and take action accordingly. Simply select "candidates I have contact info for" and "non-minimized candidates" to export all the candidates on that page with contact information. 

For example, if you have 30 candidates in a project, you can select "candidates I have contact info for," then go to the action bar and select "non-minimized candidates." This will select all candidates on that page with contact information, ready to be exported. 


New names and banners for Healthcare pools

We've made some improvements to our Healthcare talent pools! You'll now find updated pool names and descriptive banners to guide your search for specific types of Healthcare candidates. These enhancements aim to help you quickly find the right candidates for your hiring needs. 

New name tool tips

AI Matching in left nav—advance notice of removal 

We want to inform our users that we will be removing AI Matching from SeekOut in the near future. Users can now use Smart Match, which lets users create great searches from a title and list of required and preferred skills—like AI Matching does. 

With Smart Match users will be able to find relevant candidates more quickly, view insights about the candidate pool, and be able to quickly modify their search to find the candidates they are looking for. 

Note: We will continue to support Cloning and the ability to use AI Matching in Projects. 

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