May 10th, 2022 - Product Updates

Profile & Contact Data

Displaying "best" email address

While it's great that we use many sources to find contact information, our customers want a simple experience that doesn't involve guessing which is the best to use. When multiple email addresses are found for a candidate, we will rank the emails using a machine learning classifier to predict the best email address to use.

In most cases, users will not be shown multiple email addresses (unless they want to see them all).

We have also added a new hover on each email to enhance user understanding of each available email.

Usability & Efficiency

Project owner info

Across an organization, our customers can have many users adding Projects as part of their workflow. When users want to find a Project a colleague is working on, we don’t make it easy. As a first step to improving Projects, we’ve added the project owner to the list to better help users find what they’re looking for.

Note: There will be additional improvements to the Projects tab coming soon!

Project - order of added candidates

Previously, when users added multiple candidates to a Project, they were displayed in the reverse order of how they were viewed in the Search tab. With this release, we've updated the order to display in Projects in the order candidates were shown in Search.

The newest added will still display first in Projects.

Note: Additional sorting options within Projects coming soon!


Greenhouse CRM - adding candidates to prospect pool versus a job

Sourcing teams tend to use prospect pools in Greenhouse and Recruiters tend to use actual reqs/jobs. This release supports the ability for Greenhouse users to designate where the candidate lands.

Experience/Education filters added to internal talent

We have added the new filters as an option within the Internal Talent tab.

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