March 29th, 2022 - Product Updates

Experience/education filters 

Users will now see that we have grouped together multiple filters to create 2 new "Super Filters" called "Experience" and "Education."

Within the Experience filter, we have grouped together Company, Title, and Years of Experience. Within the Education filter, we have grouped together School, Degree, and Major.

In addition, we now default to Current or Past for both the Company and Title filter.

With this release containing now 4 selections in the Company and Title filters, users may wish to select a variety of companies/titles with different filter distinctions. The new Standard filters allow users to layer selections and differentiate between Current or Past/Past/Current/Past Not Current.  

After making selections in one desired category, the user can update the drop-down and enter additional selections. There will be an indication to the user of what selections they have already activated.  

Combined Filter Searching

Profiles are organized into sections with each section containing a set of information. Prior to this release, we allowed users to layer individual sets of information together (in separate filters) but had no way to combine several criteria in a specific way to filter down to a smaller subset of profiles.

Example: As a user, I want to be able to search based on criteria specified in an expression. For example, “Find me people who worked at Amazon, Google, or Microsoft as a Software Engineer between 2010 and 2015.” This allows users to be extremely specific in their searches without complex Boolean strings.

The new Combined tab in our Experience and Education filters allows users to target very specific candidates by looking at different aspects on profiles and combining them together to meet the desired criteria.

In the Experience filter, the Combined option supports the following scenario: 

  • Find Candidates who worked at: [Company1, Company2, OR Company3] who worked as a [Title1, Title2] between the years: [Year1] and [Year2] 

In the Education filter, the Combined option supports the following scenario: 

  • Find Candidates who studied at: [A, B OR C] towards a: [D, E OR F] degree in: [G, H, I] major between the years: [Year 1] and [Year 2]

The Combined filters will support the input of any/all fields and will work in conjunction with other filters in the main filter panel.

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