June 14th, 2022 - Product Updates

Unique Search Capabilities

Time zone filter

SeekOut now offers the ability to filter on time zones! Earlier this year, we added the time zone offset to profiles. Now we are offering the ability to filter on U.S. time zone. With the increase in remote work opportunities, recruiters will have the ability to target candidates who are in particular time zones if the work requires more real-time collaboration. This broadens the capability from City/State/Country filtering and allows searching deeper on other job requirements.

The Time Zone filter is not displayed in the left pane by default. Users need to add it from the View All Filters pop-up.

Note: This is currently available for the North America region only and we are supporting the 4 continental US time zones. Profiles all have a standard time UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) offset associated: Seattle is (UTC -8), while Nashville is (UTC-6). Profiles in Arizona are indexed with (UTC -7). During DST, they will still show up on the Mountain Time--though on their profile, their offset will show as Pacific time.

When users switch to a region other than North America, we will display the following message in the Time Zone filter:

Power filter updates

We’re continually improving the search capabilities of SeekOut so customers can efficiently find the right candidates. This month, we’ve updated many of our Power Filters to bring back more relevant candidates.

As a refresher, Power Filters give recruiters one-click access to candidates who meet complicated search criteria. SeekOut includes Power Filters for common roles, lists of companies, specialized skill-sets, and more.

This month, we’ve made significant updates to the searches behind our Power Filters. These updates include:

  • If you source Cleared candidates, you’ll see more accurate candidate results in our Power Filters for finding candidates with Security Clearances, including

    TS Full Scope/Poly, TS Lifestyle Poly, Yankee White, and All Clearance Levels

  • To help target candidates at companies impacted by layoffs, we now update our Companies with Recent Layoffs Power Filter every week

  • We’ve improved the quality of results for our US Work Authorization Power Filter

  • And improved accuracy for more, including the Fortune 500 Power Filter.

Behind the scenes: At SeekOut, we have a dedicated Data Team which creates, updates, and tests all Power Filters. This team seeks to continually improve what’s possible with Power Filters. If there’s a Power Filter you’d like created for your organization, please reach out to you Customer Success Manager (via email or the in-app chat). We’d be happy to help you get the most from SeekOut search.

Here are the specific Power Filters that have been updated:

  • Security Clearances (Listed Clearances only)

    • All Clearance Levels

    • Yankee White

    • TS Full Scope/Poly

    • TS Lifestyle Poly

    • TS SCI

    • TS CI Poly

    • Top Secret

    • DOE Q Clearance

    • Secret Clearances

    • DOE L Clearance

    • Confidential Clearance

    • Special Access Programs

    • Public Trust

  • US Work Authorization

  • Companies with recent layoffs

  • Fortune 500

Usability & Efficiency

New Left Nav Bar

Our design team is working through the entire site to make it more usable, consistent, and professional. This release includes a new visual design for the left navigation bar. Here it is side by side with our old, clunkier navigation bar.

Select input improvements

As users work to quickly navigate and add desired filters, we want to make inputs more seamless and speedy. With this release, users no longer have to clear out the previous input prior to adding their next selection in filters that allow multiple inputs.

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