July 2024 Product Updates

Outreach Updates

We launched Candidate Outreach earlier this year and have seen customers enjoy the improved workflows and usability. We also have listened to our customers that have asked for updates and changes to make Outreach even simpler. This month we have been hard at work preparing and shipping these updates. While we always have continued updates in our plans, we would love to hear more from you about ways we can improve even further.

Consolidated dashboard for campaign stats

Previously in Candidate Outreach there was not a convenient way for each recruiter to view their campaign statistics across all campaigns to measure performance.

With this release, we have made it simple to take a birds-eye view to help you optimize campaign conversions.​

Global and local campaign settings

Previously in Candidate Outreach, both global settings (all campaigns) and local settings (settings on individual campaigns) were not simple to parse apart. ​

​We have made some UI/UX improvements to clearly delineate and separate global settings from local settings.

Add prospects to different projects

Previously in Candidate Outreach, it was not obvious how to separate actions for prospects that replied to outreach e-mails versus those that didn’t.​

​With this update, we are making it simple to consider outreach to different groups. For example, if you reach out to 100 prospects and 10 reply, you may want to follow up with a different message to those who didn’t reply. This updated feature enables you to add those prospects to a new project and tailor the appropriate message.

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