July 13th, 2022 - Product Updates



Increasing the efficiency of sourcing in SeekOut improves our users' productivity and ability to find value. As users find candidates and create Projects to manage groups of candidates--we want to continue to make it easier to organize and interact with sourced profiles.

With this release, we have added a new "Action Bar" that utilizes icons for the primary activities (Get Email, Get Phone, Export) and also adds new "Sort" functionality to Projects.

We are starting with the ability to sort by 'Oldest' (default) or 'Newest' and will explore adding additional sort capability. The default sort will display candidates to the project in the order they were added. Switching to 'Newest' will reverse that order.

We also moved the selection for 'results per page' to the top action bar for increased user visibility.

Healthcare Talent Pool

SeekOut’s Healthcare talent pool provides the same set of powerful sourcing capabilities with a new talent pool based on publicly available data about nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

SeekOut’s Healthcare database has the largest pool of US healthcare candidates. Recruiters apply SeekOut's filters and other powerful search capabilities to narrow down the best results.

Recruiting teams gain insights about any healthcare talent pool. They can also send outbound email campaigns from SeekOut using accurate contact information.

The Healthcare talent pool more quickly and accurately sources clinical candidates and reduces time to hire.

With this release, SeekOut’s Healthcare sourcing product will begin with a focus on the US market.

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