Introducing a More Efficient & Powerful SeekOut

For leading enterprises and recruiting teams of all sizes, SeekOut is the go-to tool to fill the top of their talent funnel. Today, we're releasing a more efficient, more powerful experience for our users.

There's a lot in this update, including:

  • Better use of screen real estate and more readable profiles

  • Candidate Cloning & improved AI Matching

  • More customization options to make SeekOut fit the way you work

  • New, consistent navigation across the site

  • A new dashboard that makes it simple to continue what you were doing or start something new

  • Even faster searching

Jump right into the new SeekOut or read on for more details.

More Efficient

A key goal of this update is to make our users more efficient. This starts with the basics, including switching to a compact, easy-to-skim font called Rubik. The navigation bar is now on the left side to better use the horizontal screen space and leave more space for the candidate data and insights.

We've made the overall user experience more consistent. Whether it's switching between candidate lists and insights or navigating pop-up windows, there are fewer concepts to learn.

Beyond the visual appearance, every search returns results faster in the new UX compared to the old one. And you can start a search from anywhere with the unified search box at the top of every page.

To help you understand candidate expectations without leaving SeekOut, we now display highly accurate salary information for many candidate roles. In the cases where we don’t have salary information, we provide a link to other sources of salary information.

AI Everywhere

With this release, SeekOut's AI and machine learning capabilities are even more useful.

AI Matching in SeekOut is more streamlined, letting you create a new AI Matching project in seconds and giving you the flexibility to adjust any requirement quickly.

Candidate Cloning is a brand-new feature that gives you the power to automatically find others who are similar to your best-fit candidates. It's based on our AI Matching engine, so it gives you the flexibility to combine AI with manual filters (or even Boolean) and learns from your feedback.

If you have a list of candidates you've found with another source, you can upload the list and get full candidate details with SeekOut's AI-powered matching and bulk enrichment.

More Discoverable

The SeekOut homepage is now a dashboard that lets you quickly start something new or jump back into your previous project. From the dashboard, you can get to Search, AI Matching, Insights and more with one click.

We've reimagined Power Filters to make them simpler to find and easier to reuse. As before, Power Filters give you instant access to complex searches with just one click. Now, you can search for Power Filters, see a clear description of what each one does, and use the Recent Power Filters section lets to get to your favorite filters quickly.

More Customizable

SeekOut has more than 40 filters to help you focus your candidate searches. To make it easier to use your favorites, we now support customized filters for each talent pool. Just select the filters you use most often and arrange them in the order that makes the most sense to you. When you need any other filters, they're always available through the View All Filters pop-up.

Thank you

We hope these changes make your sourcing and recruiting easier, more efficient & fun. We're inspired by the creative ways you use SeekOut and are so grateful for your partnership. Please let us know how we can continue to improve SeekOut to make you more successful.


Our team has made many other improvements to SeekOut during these strange lockdown days. (Some people fill their downtime by baking bread; we just write more code.) If you haven't seen our industry-leading Diversity Sourcing improvements that find 3X more diverse candidates, Enhanced Clearance Filters for finding 2x more candidates with US security clearances, Company Alumni search, Referrals for harnessing your team's connections, GitHub Issues Search for identifying collaborative technologist, Levels Filters for targeting employees with the right seniority & much more, pleasereach out for a SeekOut demotoday.

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