February 2021 Product Update

Millions More Candidates

At SeekOut, we’re constantly expanding and updating our database of candidates so you can efficiently find the talent you need. Read on to learn about our latest updates.

More Profiles = Better Search 

We've added over 140 million new profiles, including: 

  • Over 128 million new candidates in our Public Profile database cover all industries and roles


  • Over 4 million additional software engineers who are working on GitHub, where we’ve analyzed their work, including rating their abilities with the SeekOut Coder Score

  • Over 7 million experts ranked by their in-depth knowledge demonstrated by their patents and research

You’ll see improved results across the board in SeekOut, especially for the most hard-to-find candidates. Let’s break down the numbers! 

  • 20% more African-American candidates

  • 38% more female candidates based in the U.S.

  • 58% more candidates with a security clearance (wow!) 

  • 28% more candidates returned for in-demand roles (such as UX designer) using Power Filters

In addition to the increased number of candidates, we’ve updated the engine, which updates, matches, and de-duplicates the profiles in our database. Hence, candidate information is enhanced. 

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses. 

Expert Improvements 

Find Prominent Contributors 

For companies searching for deeply technical experts, SeekOut Expert search uncovers millions of candidates who can’t be found elsewhere by mining papers, patents, and publications. These kinds of works typically have multiple authors – the average is five – but not all authors contributed equally. The authors are listed, starting with the author who contributed the most to the work. Being a first author is a big deal.  

The last author listed often is an advisor or supervisor of the project. For this reason, you can glean an understanding of a candidate’s experience from the order of authors.  

To support this, we have added a new Prominence filter that gives you the ability to filter by candidates who have been the first or last author on a paper or patent. You will find that filter under View All Filters in SeekOut Expert search. 

Select Has been first author to see Expert candidates who contributed the most to a publication. Select Has been last author to show candidates who are likely to have been special advisors or supervisors on a publication. 

Expert Overview At-A-Glance 

Some details on Expert profiles have been rearranged to make it quicker and easier to see contributions from the candidate. 

This update is live on Expert licenses. 

Open Search Across North America 

The United States and North America (Non-U.S.) locations have been combined into North America. Previously, if you were looking for candidates in and out of the United States, you had to perform two searches: one for the US and another country. 

To search for candidates in the US and other countries in North America at the same time, choose North America as your location and check the box next to each country you want to search for. 

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses. 

Customize Tags & Statuses across your organization 

Admins can now manage tags and statuses across their organization.  

Click on your initials and select Team Administrator, then click on the Org Settings tab. Tags and statuses can be added, edited, and deleted from this page. To see more information about this feature, see our support center article titled Tags and Statuses

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses.

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