December 6th, 2022 - Product Updates


Top navigation update

As we continue to add ways for our users to find talent, we want to give them the opportunity to manage their view with the talent pools that are most relevant to their workflow.

With this release, customers will see a set of default talent pools (dependent on license type) with the option to select additional and reorder their view at any time.

Action Bar in Search

We have updated the action bar above returned profiles to match the new design released in Projects earlier this year. This new look and feel across talent pools also moves up the ‘results per page’ functionality and streamlines user workflow.

Insights and Filters

Previous company and previous title

With this release, we are changing the information we show about previous companies/titles held by the candidates in the pool.

Previously, we showed insights about any of the Past Companies and Past Titles for the candidates in the pool. Past Companies/Titles includes any of the companies (or titles) the candidates have ever held. This information isn't especially useful because the candidate may have worked in that company/role a very long time ago.

We’ve replaced Past Companies and Past Titles in Insights with charts showing the most recent company or title. In other words, what company/title did the candidate come from before the role they’re currently in. We call these graphs Previous Company and Previous Title. This provides useful insights on how talent is flowing between companies/roles.

Here's an example looking at SeekOut employees. This is the old Past Companies chart:

It showed SeekOut on the list because 16 SeekOut employees had different jobs within SeekOut before their current role. And it showed entries like “Self-employed” or “University of Washington” that were from a very long time ago. This doesn't give an accurate picture of where we find talent.

Here's how this chart looks with the new Previous Company data:

This new view makes it possible to understand where we are hiring employees from.

We’ve also added new (non-default) filters for Previous Company and Previous Title that can be used when searching Public Profiles.

New and updated power filters

Customers now have access to several new Power Filters,these include:

We’ve also updated some existing Power Filters:

Applicant Review

Updated name from inbound

The name of "Inbound Talent" is no longer in the product! We’ve updated naming to Applicant Review and will refer to Inbound as this going forward!

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