[NEW] Best in Class Contact Info is Here!

We know you need the best contact information to successfully engage candidates. That’s why we’re excited to announce a massive update to our contact finding capabilities. SeekOut now has the most comprehensive and accurate database of personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and social links in all of HR tech.

We analyzed all the major data providers and selected the best info partners. Then we benchmarked SeekOut against other leading tools to verify the quality. We’re confident SeekOut is now the leading provider of contact information in the recruiting software industry—so good that you won’t need to regularly use any other contact info tool.

Getting Contact Info in SeekOut

You’ve used SeekOut to discover hard-to-find talent for your open roles. Now you need to engage candidates and share the opportunity with them.

You can request a candidate’s email addresses, phone numbers, and social links from their profile and SeekOut will instantly provide the relevant contact information. You can also generate contact information for multiple candidates you’ve sourced with a single click.

Note: SeekOut users have a monthly balance of credits and one credit is exhausted for each candidate email or phone number that is requested.

Get in Touch with Candidates

Once you have a candidate’s contact information, write an engaging outreach email that gets their attention. SeekOut’s AI-powered personalization helps you create emails that reference details on the candidate’s profile, determine the best times to send, and craft eye-catching subject lines. You can also send an email on behalf of the hiring manager or a member of your leadership team so it stands out in the recipient’s inbox.

You can even create automated, multi-step email campaigns in SeekOut to engage candidates. Stay persistent and review response analytics to learn what is working and what isn’t.

Connect with Hard-to-Find and Diverse Talent

Best-in-class contact info is now available in the industry-leading Talent 360 platform. But don’t take our word for it. The new contact information system is live on your SeekOut account now. Don’t have SeekOut? Request a no-obligation demo today!

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