Autumn 2020 Product Updates

The SeekOut team has been hard at work throughout the fall listening to your suggestions and building new capabilities. Please read on to learn what's new!

SeekOut Dark Mode

Many of us are spending more time than ever this year on computer or TV screens, which can be hard on the eyes. You may now toggle on Dark Mode to suit your lighting conditions and personal preference.

Give it a try by clicking your initials in the top-right corner and toggling Dark Mode on!

AND/OR Diversity Filters

Each new hire has the ability to shift the dynamics of your team, so it’s important to be intentional about diversity when building your talent pipeline.

When selecting two or more Diversity filters, you now have the ability to find candidates whose profiles contain all selected diversity tags or candidates whose profiles contain at least one of the selected diversity tag.

For example, you can search for candidates who are both Female AND Veteran, meaning female candidates who have served in the military: 

Here is an example of an OR search; SeekOut will look for candidates who are either Hispanic OR Black or African American:

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses.

More controls to prevent unconscious bias

We’ve added the ability to redact more information when searching for candidates or sharing projects. You can now hide education details, links to social profiles, and salary information — and enforce those redactions when sharing with a hiring manager.

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses.

Simplified new user license creation

Team administrators already have the ability to create new users, reassign licenses, and run usage reports. But until now, you needed help from your Customer Success Manager to ensure that your new users received their activation links.

Now, SeekOut automatically emails your new users with their personal activation links. However, if you would like to send something more personal (perhaps you want to point them to internal training resources), you can copy the activation link and paste it into a personalized email:

If you aren’t a Team Administrator yet, and you’d like to be set up as an Administrator for your organization, please contact your Customer Success Manager or send an email to 

Discover candidates with startup experience

Many of our customers want to find candidates who have experience working at startups. Our new Startups Power Filters let you target candidates who are at startups now or have worked at a startup in the past. You’ll find these under the Lists of Companies section in Power Filters.

This update is live on Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert licenses.

Send emails when candidates are most likely to respond

Our new Candidate Messaging enhancement now supports schedule-sending campaigns at a Specific Time based on your time zone and the Best Time according to the candidates’ time zones. This may be the difference between a candidate seeing and responding to your email, or your message getting lost in a candidate’s inbox.

Attach files in your Messaging campaigns

You asked so we built it: SeekOut now supports file attachments in messaging campaigns. You can now attach job descriptions or recent press mentions. We support all attachment types, but we recommend sticking with .pdf, .gif, .jpg, or .png files to ensure that your messages don’t trigger spam filters or anti-virus checkers.

Rediscover “warm” candidates in Taleo

Rediscover and reconnect with “warm” candidates who have already applied for a role at your company. In addition to our previous integrations with Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, and Beamery, we now support candidate rediscovery within Taleo.

Connect with your account executive to learn more about ATS Rediscovery or request a live demo here.

Integrate multiple ATS/CRMs with SeekOut

If your organization uses an ATS to keep your recruiting pipeline organized and a CRM for candidate outreach, you can now integrate with both at the same time.

Check out our full list of supported integrations here.

Integrations are available by request. Please connect with your Customer Success Manager or send an email to

Even more candidates

The SeekOut index continues to grow. We now have over 446 million candidates in our public profile database.

Until next time

We hope these changes make your sourcing and recruiting easier and more enjoyable. As always, we’re appreciative of your partnership, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can continue to improve SeekOut to make you more successful.

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