April 4, 2023 – Product Updates


Smart match—Advanced "Or" statements for skills 

When evaluating the necessary skills for a job opening, it's common to have multiple labels that describe the same skill. Although this can be represented in a Boolean string, it wasn't previously feasible in Smart Match. 

With the latest release, users can now include skills in an OR string in both the Required and Preferred Skills sections. SeekOut will search for those skills and if a candidate matches at least one in the string, they will be included in the results

Consider this example:  

When the skills are added independently, Full Match results are limited, as all five of the skills below must be present to call the profile a 'full match.' 

Once similar skills are collapsed into an OR statement, we greatly increase the number of full matches by only specifying the candidate must have 1 of the 3 skills. 

Create an OR statement by hovering over a skill in the input field and clicking on the link icon: 

For April 4 release notes

In the popup, type the skill you want to add to the OR statement (SeekOut will add the OR after you select each skill). once desired skills have been added to that statement, click Add skills list and the OR statement will be added back on the filter pane: 

For April 4 release notes

Multiple OR statements can be added in the same search! 

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