April 26th, 2022 - Product Updates

Excluding "past" in Experience filter

With this release, users now have the ability to exclude "Past" Companies/Titles in the Standard tab of the Experience Filter. Previously, we only allowed inclusions for "Past." This also fixes the bug in "Current or Past" that wasn't properly excluding past companies/titles with the toggle.

Consistent 3-Way Toggle in Experience Filter

With this release, we've cleaned up the UI to have consistent 3-way toggles as users interact with the layered filters:

Reporting bad email addresses

Contact information is key to user-perception of quality and ROI—we have added logging of reported email addresses to our database. Once an email address is reported, we will filter that email address out in future "Get Email" requests from users.

Keyword search--Line breaks!

We have added the ability to use "Shift+Enter" to enter a line break in the keyword search box. Note: "Enter" will still start/update your search

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