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Spinning Up A New Search

SeekOut’s Talent 360 profiles provide talent acquisition professionals a comprehensive view of every candidate’s background. This information helps source candidates who meet the role requirements and create engaging emails that resonate with them.

In our recent webinar, Mike “Batman” Cohen, the founder of Wayne Technologies, shared how he uses SeekOut to search for qualified candidates who have a connection to the company he is sourcing for and bulk send emails that have a sense of personalization.

Step 1: Conduct market research

Mike starts by collecting information about the employees who currently work for the company. Using SeekOut, he searches by the company name and looks for people who hold similar positions to the one he is hiring for.

As he finds relevant profiles, he adds each employees’ LinkedIn URL, previous companies, and college to a spreadsheet.

Mike now searches for candidates who meet the role requirements. In his example, he is hiring for a Java Developer in Los Angeles so he builds a talent pool by:

  • Using power filters to find candidates who know Java

  • Filtering by location to find candidates in Los Angeles

  • Using Boolean strings to search for relevant job titles

  • Filtering by years of experience and years in current role

  • Filtering by candidates with a Computer Science degree

Using these different search techniques, Mike now has a large pool of qualified candidates.

Step 3: Combine the market research and foundational search results

Mike’s next step is to narrow the talent pool down to people who have a connection to the company. Using the spreadsheet he created in step one, he searches for candidates who are alumni of the same colleges as current employees or work for a company a current employee came from.

As he finds candidates, he adds them to projects in SeekOut for each specific college and company (keeping projects separate by college/company makes for efficient outreach).

Step 4: Create an email template for each project

Lastly, Mike writes a series of emails for each college and company-specific project he created in SeekOut.

Email #1

The first message references the candidate’s college or company in the subject line. In the email body, Mike links to the LinkedIn profiles of the employees who are also alumni of the college or company so the candidate can see their backgrounds.

The email then describes the role and company and concludes with a call-to-action that encourages the candidate to schedule a call to learn more.

Email #2

Mike’s second attempt at getting in touch with the candidate is a reply to the first email. It’s a short follow-up that references the information that was previously sent and has a link to his calendar, encouraging the candidate to schedule a call.

Email #3

The third email uses bullet points to concisely summarize the opportunity and employees who attended the candidate’s college or worked for the same company.

Email #4

The final attempt is a short email, proposing a day and time for Mike and the candidate to connect.

Mike repeats this process for each college and company-specific project he created in SeekOut, helping him bulk send emails that still have a sense of. Watch the full webinar to see how he uses SeekOut to elevate his sourcing and candidate outreach strategy.

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