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Early Access Program FAQ

1. What is SeekOut Assist Early Access? 

The SeekOut Assist Early Access program offers users with an Enterprise plan the opportunity to try—SeekOut Assist. This program allows participants to experience two new features powered by GPT technology, Smart Match with SeekOut Assist and Messaging with SeekOut Assist.

We ask for your feedback on your experience with these features in exchange for early access to the capability. Please be aware that the operation of SeekOut Assist is legally protected and confidential—you may not share information about SeekOut Assist with any third parties. Your use of this Early Access Release is subject to SeekOut’s Early Access Addendum. 

2. How long will the program run? 

The Early Access Program will run for a minimum of 4 weeks, starting on April 18th, 2023. Participants will be enrolled on a rolling basis throughout the program period.  

3. Who is eligible to participate in Early Access? 

To participate in SeekOut Assist Early Access, you must have an active Enterprise plan subscription with SeekOut. If you meet this requirement, you are eligible to sign up for the program. 

4. Is there a cost to participate in Early Access? 

There is no additional cost to participate in the Early Access Program.  

5. How can I end my participation? 

To leave Early Access, please reach out to and request that SeekOut Assist be turned off in your account. You can opt-out at any time. 

6. What will I get access to? 

By participating in the early access program, you'll be among the first to gain access to SeekOut's latest technology—SeekOut Assist. This new feature leverages GPT technology to power enhanced search and messaging capabilities, which will be at your disposal during the early access period. You'll be able to experience the benefits of this new technology firsthand and provide valuable feedback to help us refine it for a successful release. 

7. Will it affect the functionality of my account? 

Using SeekOut Assist to search for candidates and generate outreach messages shouldn't impact the current functionality of your SeekOut account. Apart from this new feature, there should be no changes to how you currently use the platform. You can continue to utilize SeekOut as you have been doing and enjoy the added benefits of SeekOut Assist. 

8. How often will I be asked to provide feedback? 

Throughout your participation, we will ask you to complete three brief surveys to gather your feedback. Your input is valuable to us, and we appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts. 

9. What type of feedback will I have to give and how? 

As an Early Access participant, you'll receive in-app messages asking you to complete feedback surveys to help us improve before release to general availability. Selected participants may also be invited to participate in a Zoom interview for a more in-depth discussion. Should you wish to provide any feedback outside of these surveys, you can always email us at 

10. Where should I go for assistance? 

For help with features included in the early access program, please reach out to our customer support team at For questions or assistance with the early access program itself, please email 

11. If I participate in Early Access, will SeekOut Assist remain turned on in my account? 

Once the early access period is over, SeekOut Assist will continue to be enabled for all customers with Enterprise licensed accounts, unless they indicate otherwise. You'll be able to continue using the feature and enjoy its benefits without interruption. Anyone who is not currently on an Enterprise licensed plan will have SeekOut Assist removed from their account at the end of the Early Access period.  

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