Diversity is our mission and our priority

Diversity is not only important to us—it’s part of our mission. We’re building technology that helps our customers find, grow, and retain diverse teams. Our goal is to make a real difference in the way that people hire and develop talent.

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We’re building an inclusive environment for everyone

Building a diverse and equitable workforce takes intention, dedication, and support from the entire organization, starting with leadership. We’re committed to setting goals, measuring our progress, and taking actionable steps to create an inclusive culture for everyone.

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"Being at SeekOut is like coming home to a loving family after years of traveling as a stranger in strange lands. It is welcoming, inclusive, and cooperative. It is marked by an amazing culture of humility and supportiveness, despite the abundance of sheer brilliance, that makes it the perfect place to learn and grow while feeling safe and respected." 

- Michelle Abram, Engineering Manager, Inbound Rediscovery 

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"I love working at SeekOut so much, and the people make all the difference. Being here, I have had the wonderful experience of feeling like I can bring my whole genuine self to work. The environment is focused on positivity, inclusion, and authenticity- a breath of fresh air." 

- Jenn Caswell, Help Desk Technician II

Diversity has been a priority for SeekOut from day one—for our culture and our products. We believe that our workforce should reflect the diverse world around us. This sparks better ideas, stronger teams, and helps us create people-first technology for our customers.

Anoop Gupta, CEO, SeekOut

Representation at SeekOut

We’re on a continuous journey to increase representation at SeekOut, with the goal of building teams that reflect the diverse world around us. Here’s where we currently stand.


Underrepresented Communities


Building a strong foundation

We’ve developed four pillars to guide our work. Using our own products to build diverse talent pools, training our interviewers, launching a DEIB council, and holding celebration months to recognize different cultures and heritages are just a few examples of how we’re taking action to make progress on our goals.


We hire, grow, and retain diverse teams.


We foster a sense of belonging and an inclusive workplace for all employees.


We support underrepresented groups in our local communities.

Customer Advocacy

We advocate for inclusivity in product development and in our customer interactions.

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