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What’s New in SeekOut — Winter 2022

We’re excited to share all the new developments in the SeekOut platform that have gone live since our last update in October. Our product team has rolled out new features that help you rediscover past candidates in your ATS and save hours reviewing resumes. They’ve also made improvements to SeekOut’s existing functionality and released new features focused on better collaboration, efficiency, and candidate data. 

Let’s dive into everything that’s new in SeekOut. 

Rediscover candidates in your ATS 

Many companies have an ATS full of warm candidates who have already expressed interest in joining their team. However, the ATS has historically not been a viable candidate source for new roles because:  

  • A candidate’s information is never updated in the ATS after they apply, so you don’t have insight into their recent work history or any new skills they’ve acquired

  • Most ATSs have poor search functionality, making it difficult to find qualified candidates

Talent Rediscovery solves both these challenges by: 

  • Matching every candidate in your ATS with their up-to-date profile in SeekOut 

  • Enabling you to surface candidates in your ATS using SeekOut’s advanced search capabilities

With Talent Rediscovery, you’ll find new search fields in SeekOut based on ATS data, such as the hiring process stage candidates advanced to and candidates who finished as your second choice when they initially applied.  

When you run a keyword search, SeekOut not only searches against the candidate’s public profile but also the attachments they included when they applied, like their resume and cover letter.  

Talent Rediscovery is an additional capability. Contact your CSM or account manager to learn more.  

Save hours screening candidates 

Our new Inbound Talent solution helps recruiters efficiently find the most qualified applicants. Simply add the specific skills and years of experience required for a role and let SeekOut do the candidate screening.  

You can also add preferred qualifications and SeekOut will rank candidates by how qualified they are. When you view a candidate’s profile, you’ll see a “match score” section that summarizes why they are a fit for the role.   

Inbound Talent also gives you the ability to analyze aggregate data about candidates, so you can understand how accurate your job description is based on who is applying.  

Inbound Talent not only saves countless hours for recruiters. It also improves the experience for all your candidates, since you can be quicker to notify unqualified talent that you’re proceeding with other candidates.  

Inbound Talent is an additional capability. Contact your CSM or account manager to learn more. 

Even more candidate data  

We’re always striving to provide fresh and accurate candidate data across different roles and industries. Over the past 12 months, we’ve increased our candidate index from 530 million to 707 million profiles. That means there are now 31% more candidates available to source, so you can make great hires and fill your roles faster.  

Along with fresh candidate data, we’ve also improved our inference capabilities, which results in more candidates for specific searches. For example, the number of Black/African American candidates in North America has increased by 114% in the past 12 months because we’ve grown our candidate index and improved how we do inference for that diversity tag. 

Organization-wide project sharing  

We’re introducing new features aimed at improving collaboration among teams, starting with organization-wide project sharing.

SeekOut application's organization shared project view.

In addition to personal, shared, and archived projects, you now get insight into the SeekOut projects used by all the hiring teams in your organization.  

Sourcing visibility across the enterprise 

It’s frustrating to source a candidate, add them to your ATS, and then learn that someone from your team has already been working with them. We’ve solved this problem with another new collaboration-focused feature—Enterprise Visibility.  

SeekOut application's organization sharing visibility on candidates and projects.

You can now see if anyone in your organization has added a candidate to a SeekOut project or messaging campaign. The candidate’s profile will display the date they were added and who on your team is working with them.  

Enterprise Visibility is only available for Enterprise accounts

Efficiently source across different continents  

Global Efficiency streamlines the workflow of teams that recruit for similar roles around the world. 

SeekOut application's region filter.

SeekOut divides candidate pools by continent to make it easier to search for candidates in certain locations. With Global Efficiency, you can map long Boolean strings over to a new search for a different continent with a single click.  

Export candidate profiles as a PDF 

SeekOut now gives you the ability to export a candidate’s profile as a PDF.  

SeekOut application's Export to PDF functionality.

The exported PDF includes all the candidate’s basic information, as well as the deep candidate data you’re accustomed to in SeekOut. It will include details like the programming languages a developer knows and published papers and patents from an expert candidate.  

New integrations  

We’ve added even more ATS and CRM integrations over the past few months. New integrations include: 

  • Ashby 

  • Recruiterflow 

  • Jobvite 

  • IQRecruit 

  • GR8 People 

  • Smashfly 

Check out all of SeekOut’s Technology Partners and reach out to your CSM or account manager to request other integrations you would like us to add.  

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