Introducing People Insights: Your Guide to Data-Driven Recruiting

Introducing People Insights: Your Guide to Data-Driven Recruiting

If you’re working in a recruiting role today, chances are you’ve come up against any number of different challenges when it comes to finding the right candidates to fill your open roles.

Maybe it’s building a better sourcing strategy (and discovering the right tools to make it happen)... Or, maybe you’re sick of constantly losing out on great candidates to a competitor who always seems to get there first...

Or, let’s be honest: Your sourcing strategy is just fine, but what you really need is for your hiring manager to get some realistic expectations about the pool of qualified talent on the market. [Hint: You’re probably not going to find a former Google software engineer in Fargo interested in a $50k per-year engineering job.]

The secret sauce in a successful recruitment strategy won’t be found by putting your head down and doing what you’ve always done. It’s about coming to the table with something new. It’s about being a true talent advisor.

And being a talent advisor means stepping up your recruiting game to make data-driven decisions about:

  • How and where to source candidates

  • Ways to get a leg up on the competition

  • How to write job descriptions that draw in passive talent

  • How to better align with hiring managers about the available talent pool

So, that’s why we’re excited to introduce to you our new People Insights tool:

SeekOut’s People Insights helps you add serious value to your company’s talent acquisition strategy with high-quality data you won’t find anywhere else.

Starting today, you have access to data from over 100 million professionals in the United States. Our platform uses that data to help you uncover key insights about the talent you’re targeting, including:

  • Top cities and companies where key/diverse talent resides

  • The companies and schools where your competition likes to recruit candidates

  • The size of a specific talent pool based on a hiring manager’s requirements

  • The common skills, experience, and educational backgrounds of potential candidates

  • The backgrounds (previous companies, schools, and locations) of candidates your company has successfully hired in the past

  • The most effective job titles, keywords, and companies to add to your current searches

Here’s what all that data means for you and your recruitment strategy:

People Insights helps you build immediate credibility as a strategic talent advisor.

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of differences between a talent advisor and a run-of-the-mill recruiter.

But perhaps the biggest difference comes from a talent advisor’s ability to use data to influence an entire company’s talent acquisition strategy.

For example, let’s say a hiring manager comes to you with an open job for a mid-level software engineer based in Boston, MA. Easy enough, right?

But here’s the kicker:

The hiring manager has an engineer from Apple on his team that’s killing it right now and specifically wants someone with previous experience at that company. So, you run a search in SeekOut for software engineers in Boston with 5-10 years experience that work (or previously worked at) Apple. And what do you get?


A whopping three candidates found. Yikes.

Clearly, Apple doesn’t have a big presence in Boston.

But, as you’d probably guess, here’s where a normal recruiter might contact the three candidates (using email addresses sourced through SeekOut) and then wait to see what happens.


But a strategic talent advisor can leverage data from People Insights to expand the talent pool and positively impact the search.

A talent advisor using People Insights could run a search for Apple software engineers nationwide to find candidates in Boston with similar skills and experience to an Apple engineer.

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