SeekOut Breakfast: Key Takeaways

Find key takeaways from our discussion with Laszlo Bock about AI for people teams, plus additional resources


What we learned from the discussion

Human involvement and human interactions are irreplaceable.

Tools may get us 90% there, but human intelligence is essential to mitigate risks because AI's outcomes aren't explainable. Don't look to AI to replace recruiters—instead, recognize how it makes your recruiters that much more valuable. Every opportunity to demonstrate kindness, compassion, and generosity is a competitive advantage for your employer brand.

Bias in AI algorithms comes from bias in the real world.

While explainability is not a completely solvable problem today, bias can be addressed with the right partners and investments, and optimizing your systems and processes. Take a good look at your own data for diverse representation. This is key to bringing people together and improving diversity.

Don't wait to start finding value with generative AI.

Now is the time to identify ethical, trusted partners and experiment with point solutions that drive real benefits. It's easy to be overly restrictive with generative AI, but the recruiting space is a relatively safer place to experiment compared to spaces like healthcare or financial services. If you wait 18 months, your competitors will have the upper hand.

Headshot of Laszlo Bock, bestselling author and former head of people at Google

Webinar: Attracting Tech Talent in 2023

Laszlo Bock, former head of people at Google and author of “Work Rules!”, joins Stephanie Camp, CMO at SeekOut, to discuss Google’s recruiting tactics and how to attract tech talent in 2023.

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